Friday, December 12, 2014

Rise MultiVersity Event - MAN & WOMAN MEETING ON NEW GROUND - Saturday December 13th, 2pm Est



DATE: Saturday, December 13th 2014 2pm New York | 7pm London | (14th) 5:30am Adelaide

DURATION: 2+ Hours followed by Q&A. PANEL: Kelly La Sha | Perry Mills | Hosted by Sienna Lea

ABOUT: In our talk, Man and Woman Meeting on New Ground, we will reveal why intimacy is so challenging and so very risky… even scary at times. Ask yourself now. Have you ever seen a pure archetype of the divine masculine and feminine as lovers? It doesn’t exist on the planet for a reason. Our cultures have been designed to keep us away from connection and soul satiation. Our parents weren’t the perfect archetypes for a reason. The mainstream entertainment and porn industries lie to us for a reason. So we ask the following questions: What is keeping us from the euphoric, satiating experience of our existence here… and how do we claim it back for ourselves? Why is there such an absence of the pure archetypes of the Divine Lovers? Why is intimacy so risky and challenging? Why is the male sex drive so much stronger than the female sex drive? How are our orgasms being misused and how do we balance the male and female energies through orgasm?

We look forward to connecting with each and every one of you as we share how to create new ground, upon which we may found our relationships. The truth of our Earth’s history will reveal the pathway to our satiation. Ultimately, this is a call to action for us to re-tribe. We are not alone in this endeavor. The days of isolation are over. As we all take the courage to deepen into honesty, broaden our awareness and sharpen our intentions, we create together the miracle of our Oneness and reinstate our immense love for each other. Much has been said about the challenges between the sexes. Their endless conflicts and antagonism toward each other. Far less has been shared and explored about topics such as: The attributes of the masculine and feminine; as more native qualities exhibited in well-intended men and women alike. The basic and unique traits that each one possesses; and that are exemplified in the attributes and gifts that each has to offer the rest of humanity. The pure archetypes of the sacred masculine and feminine; as divine attributes which are the active and creative basis for all manifest things, be they atoms or galaxies. Much has been said about the dramas of human love.

These dramas are replete with rapture and betrayal, epitomes of high emotion, dark despair, titillating excitement and suffocating boredom. They feature entangled couples vacillating between healthy and co-dependent emotional bonds. The beginnings of relationships with strong, certain commitments as they erode into dysfunction and broken dreams. There has been far less said about a conscious commitment of men and women, to join in mutual respect while suffering their differences. Where adults do what they believe. To be the most loving and moral remedy to their failed attempts at making their relationships work. These well-intended souls are upbeat and goodhearted but ultimately uninspired. Finally, there has been only the rarest understanding of how the Divine masculine and Divine feminine can be awakened. In each Earth-born man and woman, in ways that describe a Sacred dimension of Love. So sublime as to be unquestionably, beyond doubt or betrayal and full of the gifts of a full heart. Love, formerly believed to be a human emotion given and received between people, is now recognized to have its origin in the core of Life itself—a force that it is simply finding its expression through the alchemy of the lovers.