Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Navigating Through The Matrix Part# 2

Navigating Through The Matrix 2ABOUT: It Is Time To Decide Neo! A New kind of Spiritual Warrior is being born right now to Navigate Through The Matrix and beyond! George shares ground breaking insights and exercises that open us to a totally new paradigm, synthesizing and completing our journey through 3D dualistic reality. We all wonder and contemplate at some stage in our journey here on Earth, how it is we cannot implement our intentions as we inherently know we can. Navigating our way through this matrix system is most challenging, and we often feel frustrated at the level of restrictions and impositions we experience.

What if there was a way that could change that dynamic? What if we could once again understand our place in this world and function with respect, confidence, surety, and even with a level of assertive authority,…Imagine…

All of this is possible if one knows how to unlock the code of approach one requires with their matrix environment. It is time to decide Neo, do you want to know? Learn how to navigate your way through this matrix via the appropriate implementation of your intention.