Thursday, April 23, 2015

Meet & Greet With Kelly La Sha and Sienna Lea - April 26, 2015

Where We Gather To Support Our Awakening Truth
Café Rise is where we laugh together and have a blast, meeting and sensing into this new field of support and information, forming amongst true seekers, actively seeking true freedom through learning the potent skills of self-responsibility. Café Rise is a place where emerging as who we are and realizing OUR fundamental purpose within the truth of this world is not just woo woo, but rather the main course.

This will be a casual gathering within our video conference center where we can become friends and discuss dreams and visions. Fundamental to this Meet and Greet is getting to know what is on offer through Rise. Most especially, our Embody U group (EU). We will have the opportunity to discuss the upcoming and past EU groups that have been so profoundly appreciated. EU is a bridge and introduction into authentic presence, community, engagement and living fundamental purpose. EU offers you support for your emerging sovereign journey and real tools to get there from here.



APRIL 26, 2015

* A microphone / webcam is required to participate
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We will have Embody U Group Alumni at the meet and greet . . .
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. . . to share their experiences of what they are receiving through supporting other Rise community members in their awakening. No recruitment here, we have no desire to be the next religion. We are simply a grass roots wave of awakening, caring people looking to create authentic support outside the Matrix Control Grid. Our aim is to encourage individuals to emerge through study and process, engaging in tools to augment sovereign living. We are offering a space to anchor and open into the new. Rise is a cutting edge research community that is expanding its curriculum as we all continue to take off the blinders.

The key is sharing in developing the trust and engaging the tools, to make the shift real in our lives now. Coming together helps to build the momentum to take appropriate action and by daring to engage transparently, as we break out of the engineered separation we all suffer. Join us and offer your energy to help us all discover how to support and to be supported. Let’s become unstoppable. As a force honoring nature, adamant remain on a path of self-integrity and discernment.

Embody U is currently studying and applying the wisdom in Kelly La Sha’s books; “Liquid Mirror” and “Liquid Mirror Workbook”. We meet in a small group, working on ourselves, utilizing the beauty and truth in Kelly’s book. We partner up then to dive into the exercises. We make the effort to stretch beyond me, me, me and learn to embrace one another, to develop a new relationship of self-love with ourselves as fundamental.

We have a partner network of people doing their inner work, towards becoming sovereign empowered and on their own unique track. So we have partners to anchor what we are processing, new friends who are moving through their own programs and wounds and beliefs to realize another path.

We know these steps require transparency. We have all spent years trying into the screens, feeling safe in our anonymity. But the real power to break out of the control grid is to come together as individuals. We wish to offer you Café Rise, where you come to explore, to stick your toe in only if you wish. A bridge between forums and authentic connection. Trust must first be built if we wish to drop our false masks.

Bring your own hopes and intentions for this New Year. Prepare for a mind/heart blowing experience. We have been so blown away by who has been showing up. A true soul family reunion, so sweet supportive and full of kick ass truth tellers. We are just getting this party started people. Come on down and check it out. You may be pleasantly surprised. There is room for expansion, come share your vision and how we can all plug in our creations, strengthened by our unified field of organic support. 

~ Kelly La Sha, Sienna Lea & the EUer of Rise ~