Friday, July 3, 2015

Waking Up to the REAL You

As part of our collective ascension to higher consciousness and continued lifting of the veil of reality, the very nature of our being is one of the biggest questions we all hope to answer.

The lecture below about “The Real You” by Alan Watts, provides the most eloquent description of what it means to “be” and why we are here “being” in the first place. We are all equal parts of the universe that have forgotten we are whole, and just as a wave is something that the ocean does, we are something that the universe does.

We are not puppets that are meant to be pushed around by life, the real “us” is the entire universe, and our ultimate birthright is to be the creative expression of the universe that we are intended to be here, to be. We were not created for a cubicle, and we were not created to be enslaved by “paper”. We are here to express ourselves, to live, create, and be free.

Releasing the fear of death and failure is our first step toward that freedom, because once you realize there is no permanence, and all is infinite just as the universe is, we can rest assured that the dream of life, can become our dream life.