Saturday, August 1, 2015

Alfred Webre - Tolec and Ray K. - Evidence for Humanities Transformation to 4D Reality


ET Contactees Tolec & Ray K. prove non-Artificial Intelligence (AI) ET contacts. Show evidence for long-term transformation to mid-4D crystalline-based reality

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – In Part I of a two-Part Panel with Alfred Lambremont Webre, ET contactees Tolec and Ray Kosulandich detail their personal ET contactee histories and evidence for their ET contacts and in the case of Ray Kosulandich, multigenerational ET contacts going back to his grandfather. In the Panel both Tolec and Ray K distinguish their respective ET contacts as genuine and not tainted by AI (Artificial Intelligence) mind control memes such as arise in MILAB and other U.S. government programs.

The recent Blue Avian AI mind control meme is discussed, and both Tolec and Ray distinguish their ET contacts from this reported AI phenomenon.

Long-term transformation to mid-4D crystalline-based reality

In Part II of the Panel, Tolec and Ray set out the evidence of a long-term transformation to a mid-4D crystalline reality on Earth, including recent scientific discoveries that changes in the center of the Earth now resemble the Sun, suggesting that such a transformation is underway as the ET contacts of Tolec and Ray have been stating. Also discussed is the most rational interpretation of a prediction given by one of Tolec’s ET contacts that the transition to mid 4D would commence in Jan. 2014.

Tolec updates the Panel on what his ET contacts have stated about how the transition to 4D really did start then and how this ongoing transition might relate to the evidence of Sun-like changes in the Earth’s core that science is now detecting and cannot fully explain.

For viewers not familiar with ExopoliticsTV’s long history of interviews with Tolec and Ray Kosulandich’s ET contacts, a full reference to these is set out below.

Tolec will be speaking in public for the first time in his career at two conferences in August 2015, revealing his persona, and in his next interview on ExopoliticsTV will appear face to face. For details please see: