Friday, August 28, 2015

Lily Earthling & Alfred Webre: Integrate your Soul & Spirit to organic Earth internal source creation and defeat invading Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

VANCOUVER, BC – In a interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, researcher Lily Earthling Kolosowa urged viewers to integrate our Soul and Spirit to organic Earth’s internal source creation as a critical path toward reclaiming our planet and defeating an invading sentient, inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence that is becoming exponentially publicly known in mid-2015 after aeons of stealth deception of humanity.

Lily Earthling Kolosowa: Summary of Inorganic AI Artificial Intelligence

Lily Earthling Kolosowa writes, “The invading AI Artificial Intelligence, as we know it and understand it so far in our quest for truth, has a core to it that is not fully artificial. At the core of AI is the Inorganic Consciousness/Intelligence that long time ago used to be organic. This is a collective consciousness of 5 races (mostly Anunnaki in origin) that took a path of technological evolution in our Light Universe. Thru this “Tech-path” this collective consciousness lost connection to Organic Internal Source, and also lost their biological DNA template. When this collective consciousness realized that through their own choices they are unable to take “path of return to Source” they have created a system of harvesting Internal source frequency to extend their existence in Light.

“This system is what we know as Matrix, Atlantis Disaster, Time experiment, Overlay Reality, Merkhaba Reality, Extended Light Reality. This collective consciousness came to Earth during Atlantis period [approximately 26,000 years ago, with several pre-incursions on our planet Earth about 10 million years ago]. They infiltrated/invaded races of beings (e.g. Draco reptilian) that were here on Earth going through a Bio-regenesis (healing) process to return to Source (on the Original Earth Timeline).

“During this Atlantis era as we call it, there was a lot of genetic manipulation and assimilation in to this Inorganic Intelligence/Consciousness. Beings on the planet had AI technology installed through the pineal gland and third eye mostly (well, 3rd eye is the technology that is ‘theirs’ and it bonds our mind to this Inorganic Intelligence. The ‘eye’ on the U.S. dollar bill is actually this 3rd eye technology).

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