Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Artificial Intelligence and The Earth's Organic Timeline, navigating a way through

This is a spontaneous conversation between karelia and Christine, founders of the Earth Empaths website and forum.

We have been working closely together in the unseen 94% of reality for three years consecutively. As our perceptions expanded and we gathered data (intelligence is perceptual data), we observed that others were discovering this same intelligence field. This coherency of the field is maintained with two keys, trust and honor… unconditional love.

We can rightfully call it Gaian-Sophianc intelligence, a morphogenetic field that is perhaps best interpreted as resonance magnetism.

Sitting with Her and penetrating the matrix-mask, we found some vital clues as to who we are and why we are here. The next enormous step is where are we going?

Expanding in our own awareness and through connecting with others in “the field”, doing real research, merging the arts of science, spiritualism, archaeology, geology, physics and mathematics, a very acute picture has emerged. In this short conversation we cover the topic of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Human consciousness and why we are here now.

Our gratitude is extended to all those who seek the Truth of their Own Being and take this road no matter where it leads us.