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Harald Kautz Vella Update - September 2015

HARALD KAUTZ VELLA : FREEWILL and the fields of consciousness we have created for ourselves, cannot be dissolved by us humans.



“A few weeks ago they seized that game. The Archons were taken out of the game, and the entire concept of black magic was disabled. All we can see in the outer world now are the remains of the old game, and the debris we created while playing it, we now stand in. The suffering of our planet, and especially the fields of consciousness we have created for ourselves, cannot be dissolved by us humans. ”

The Game of Free Will
During the last days, the two of us, Morlean and Harald, received a lot of mails and texts from friends questioning the things we state. This questioning came out of not-knowing what actually was happening to us, to mankind and to the planet earth. Therefore we would like to share with you in a compact format, what the game of the free will actually was, where it originated from, what impact it still has, and where it is to be positioned within the context of history. A lot of this will sound familiar to you from the different mythologies, some things might be new to you, because it was erased from the books of history or subsequently distorted.

The game that has been played on planet earth was the game of the free will, disconnected from God. All beings agreed to share the collective experience, what it would feel like to be disconnected from everything, what it would feel like not hearing, nor sensing, nor seeing God. This way the journey into oblivion began. This way everyone created out of the separation from the true self a role that he would play during this game, and dived into illusion. Within this role it was possible to utilize the free will, which means that for the first time it was possible to take decisions that opposed the God-given order.

While this decision was taken, to experience oneself within this game, nobody knew, how this experiment would unfold and develop, and what path it would take. Everyone within this game had the same basic requirements, and everyone received a compass to find his way back to the heavenly order, back to God, that would guide him out of the illusion: the CONSCIENCE.

For mankind this game began in Lemuria, where it lived in full harmony with nature, with all beings and the heavenly order. Unlike most of the mythologies report, it was not Atlantis that had the most sophisticated culture, but Lemuria.

The Atlanteans came from abroad, i.e. they came with the experience of incarnations on other planets. They brought highly sophisticated technological knowledge, however spiritually they where not developed as far as the Lemurians, who carried the highest knowledge about the laws on nature.
Both civilizations co-existed for ages in peace, and both were in close contact to the guardians of the creation, that gave advice and helped out in all ways possible, while they were guiding them on their path of spiritual development. During those days it was the goal to fuse the sophisticated qualities of both civilizations. But history took a turn.

The Atlanteans already had distanced themselves from God quite a bit, which expressed itself in the development of egos separated from God. Out of this separation they became jealous of the knowledge of nature the Lemurians had. The plan was that the technological knowledge the Atlanteans already had was meant to be given also to the Lemurians, but this was meant to happen much later in history, because their spiritual development needed to be more refined.

The more the separation from God evolved, also the Lemurians started to develop egos. This was the reason why they started to look across the ocean and showed more and more interest in the Atlantean technology, and finally desired to also posses it. The Atlanteans hooked onto this impatience the Lemurians had, and with a black magic cunning ruse they maneuvered the Lemurians into a deal that ended for Lemuria with the deterioration from paradise.

From the higher perspective all players knew that this path into separation would be taken, because all players wanted to experience exactly this separation and exactly this path to darkness, thus the heavenly guardians pulled back one by one and observed the scene from a distance. Thus both the Lemurians and the Atlanteans developed their egos further more. The Atlanteans at that time where already detached in arrogance. Apart from the two local civilizations earth was hosting guests from other planetary civilizations, for example from Mars. The Martians had manipulated their climate and turned the surface of their planet into an uninhabitable desert.

The Archons, aka the fallen Angels, at that times already had gained much influence and had tried to usurp the entire creation and all beings within. At a certain point in history it also came to a deal between the Atlanteans and the Archons. The Archons offered them a technology, that was promising total control over planet earth and wide ranges of space. The Atlanteans excepted – in spite of all warnings, that revealed that this technology was highly dangerous and that they themselves where not ready for it. When a circle of Atlanteans planned to open a star gate, the guardians of the creation stepped in-between to stop them. But the group of five and their helpers insisted on their free will, something that worked while being within this illusion of free will.

Thus the game proceeded in a way that was not predicted by the guardians and that had immense consequences for the entire collective: the crack of Atlantis. It was a deep and rapid jump into darkness that left many beings in shock. Instead of slowly diving into darkness, everybody immediately lost their connection to God and to his guardian beings. This way everybody ceased feeling, hearing and sensing God momentarily, the same way they ceased feeling, hearing or sensing themselves or other beings on the planet.

Thank to the crack of Atlantis the Archons managed to transport the Black Goo of a destructed planet to Earth. They wanted to use its trauma-signature to usurp all habitants of the planet. Together with this Black Goo they also imported a group of beings that had destroyed their own planet under the influence of the Archons, whose traumatized signatures were easy to influence and manipulate. This is the group we today know as the Jews. Because they were manipulable, which ended with the destruction of their planet, lead to the decision that they should not posses a land on planet Earth of their own, until their karma was cleared. While one part of this group accepted these conditions to clear themselves, another part of the group rejected the conditions and remained in alliance with the archons. In our present context they appear as the Zionists.

This lead to the first war of our history, in which the technologically sophisticated Atlanteans fought against the meanwhile also technologically highly developed Lemurians. The guardian beings intervened and destroyed both Lemuria and Atlantis, removed the technologies from the planet and threw some of the beings into what today is known as stone age, while at other places the sophisticated knowledge was stored and secured, being orally administered by holy inaugurations to preserve it for the period of dark ages to come.

Due to the crack of Atlantis the two highest guardian beings of this creation stood in front of the biggest challenge of their entire live time. They already could anticipate what this lonely decision of the Atlantean group would entail for the entire collective. They could see, that all beings would step down into a quality of darkness, that would manifest an unimaginable extent of cruelness. And they knew that they had to incarnate themselves to prepare the ground to enable them to again find a path out of the illusion for all of us, because the crack could only be healed from inside. This meant for the guardian couple to experience every single cruelty as humans, that would be created. They knew that they would incarnate in the most painful lives, and they already could sense, that they would be subject to the cruelest thing, that can be experienced while incarnated, because this was the only way to – on the return path – heal all wounds experienced by mankind.

Thus they also knew that from the jump into the illusion onwards, they would be separated from each other over and over again by the cruelest means, and that only towards the end of the game they would be in the position to reunite. Knowing this they jumped into the illusion and it took 16.000 years until they found each other again. They were able to discover the path out of this illusion as well as the healing for all of us only due to the fact, that they never ever betrayed their conscience, no matter which cruelty they were confronted with. They had the same basic requirements as all of us, and they were the only ones that managed to fully find the path out of this matrix.

A few weeks ago they seized that game. The Archons were taken out of the game, and the entire concept of black magic was disabled. All we can see in the outer world now are the remains of the old game, and the debris we created while playing it, we now stand in. The suffering of our planet, and especially the fields of consciousness we have created for ourselves, cannot be dissolved by us humans. We neither are able to filter out the plutonium from the pacific that was released from Fukushima, nor can we balance the karma created by 16.000 years of industrial scale black magic slaughtering.

Thus we will be guided to a point to realize exactly this. That we have raged on this planet in the rudest manner, and that it will be NOT US who are the ones to take care of the mess. Time was running short, we wouldn’t have had a chance neither to clean up the mess we created nor to escape the illusion out of our own powers. The opposite is the case: most of humanity would have refused to face the truth about the roles they played, and out of this refusal they would have decided to rather dive into another 16.000 years of illusion, and thus of darkness. We can exactly see today what the past 16.000 years of applied free will of humans brought to light. What another 16.000 years would have meant is nameless, it would have meant the destruction of all life on this planet, and of all beings it is hosting, even of the planet itself.

As to the guardian beings themselves, with whom we, Morlean and Harald, are now in contact with, we can say that they are friends to us, and parent-like at the same time. They are the ones referred to in the mythology as the Elderer. The entire creation was born through them, and we all have been in contact with them throughout our history. During the game of separation they were almost completely deleted from the official records, this is why nobody remembers them. We did remember them, even if we initially – when they contacted us and offered us their helping hands – were wary. We were far away from a state where we would have been able to fully feel our true self, and our heads were stuffed with ego-programs. However, something within us intuitively felt that this contact would be important. It turned out to be so. This is something we can clearly state after four weeks of an intense process of self reflection and recreation we have been lovingly lead through. We were allowed to experience healing on all levels, something we have experienced as a huge act of clemency. We were invited to experience what it means when your free will is taken from you, something that against all expectations turned out to be everything else than a loss. Of cause we are still allowed to experience ourselves as being with a will of our own, while this will is guarded and guided by God and the guardian beings. Like this – with the end of the game – it becomes conscious, what the free will beyond rules actually was, and that the natural will in reality is not without boundaries. This was only possible within the game and within the Illusion of the separation from God. The real, natural will be allowed to unfold within the order of things, which means that the will of one being will not be allowed to damage or hurt other beings or diminish their horizon of experience. And this is something wonderful.

We decided to face this process out of our own will, thus we experienced it as something comparable soft. This is a promise to all people, who open up their being to this possibility, and are willing to stand to their self responsibilities.

For those who are still in refusal to let go from this old game of free will and face their responsibilities according to the roles they played, the path back to paradise will take the same track, but it will be comparably harder.

The most important thing for now is to realize that the game of free will is over!

Now it is up to every single being to face the remaining reference-feelings in self-responsibility, that have been left with us to put us into the position to reflect about our own, personal deeds, as well as the things we have to take account for as a collective. Now it is about reflecting all the pain, the suffering and the anger, to put ourselves into the position to be able to let go in ruefulness and humility, because exactly this is the first step to overcome the separation. We say this out of personal, lived experience.

At the moment we are in a process of Integration of the things we went through and we are looking forward to share all the things we were allowed to experience.

From our hearts

Morlean & Harald

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