Monday, November 23, 2015

"Ascension Vision" by Kim Hutchinson

Ascension Vision

by Kim Hutchinson,
Guest writer,

Several weeks ago, during meditation, I had a vivid and inspiring vision of leaving the Earth. As I moved deeper into space I inflated massively in size. At the same time, I watched the Earth shrinking away until she was no more than a beautiful jeweled sphere smack-dab in the middle of velvety blackness. I plucked up the planetary bauble and placed her safely inside the sacred space of my heart. I then flew us into the fifth dimension.
I knew I had experienced an ascension vision, but I didn’t fully appreciate the meaning of the symbolism. Then, a few nights ago, I had a fascinating chat with Archangel Metatron which called to mind my vision. Metatron offered his insights on our ascension process which helped me to re-envision the whole ascension process, and that in turn helped to clarify my vision.

Spheres of Creation

Metatron explained that everything, from the Void to our 3D world, is made of pure consciousness. Creator focused consciousness into sacred geometric patterns, based on circles, which in turn created sound, light and form. Beautiful, intricate multiverses were born, all of which were housed inside spheres. These spheres rhythmically contract and expand. That contraction and expansion is the pulse of creation.

As multiverse lifeforms, we move through the dimensional levels of the sphere. In keeping with the pulse of creation, our consciousness contracts and re-expands from the outer level to the innermost dimension, and then back out again.

We arrived in the third dimension by shrinking our sphere of awareness down to the smallest possible size while still allowing for a faint remembrance of who we really are. (It’s this thread of unity consciousness that allows us to re-expand). Because of this contraction, everything here is really concentrated. Energy also vibrates slower here. A combination of the compression and slow rate of vibration is what gives birth to form. Solid matter – or rather, what appears to be solid – is a result of highly focused consciousness.

Ascension? No, Re-Expansion

Ascension is a relative misnomer. A better name would be re-expansion. Rather than physically moving up through dimensions, we expand our awareness. Then, whichever dimension we focus upon manifests as our outer reality. Ascension, therefore, is the regaining of lost consciousness. We are re-inflating the bubble of awareness and expanding our consciousness outwards in all directions.
How this in interpretation differs from many others is that ascension isn’t a staircase that leads us straight up to Source. We don’t take the stairs to leave one floor for another. Instead, we re-incorporate all dimensions of consciousness back into our Being. Rather than leaving the third dimension, it will become the core of our awareness which we’ll carry in the heart of our Being.

My vision now makes more sense. As my consciousness moved from the solidity of 3D Earth outwards into the darkness of 4D, and then into the greatly expanded awareness of the fifth dimension, I grew in size. The third dimensional Earth was no longer my focus, but I didn’t leave her and those whom I love. I lovingly placed the third dimension in my heart where it became the core of my multiverse.

About the Author:
Kim Hutchinson Clayhut Healing – – is a Dream Healer, Divine Channel and Ascension Guide who offers Multidimensional Healing and Guidance worldwide.