Saturday, November 28, 2015

Mark Dice Confronts America's Zombie Shoppers

Unlike on previous occasions when Mark Dice either mocks the stupidity of Americans for having zero clue about the true worth of precious metals, or mocks the stupidity of Americans for having absolutely no understanding of politics (yet supporting Hillary Clinton among others), in his latest clip, the notorious lampooner takes a stroll at 4:30 pm on Thanksgiving night in front of the Best Buy in San Diego where he finds a massive line.

What follows is Mark, armed with just a bullhorn, taking on several hundred consumption zombies waiting in line at Best Buy, armed with just their overdrawn credit cards, or as he calls them "enemies of America. A symptom of this failed country. When this country is bankrupt, and it will be soon, you look in the mirror and that's who you blame."

Number of zombies impacted by his preaching? Zero. Why, because there is a TV for $99.95 to be bought proving the hedonically-adjusted deflationary wave sweeping the world is "all too real" and only much more QE and far more negative rates, making the merely billionaires into trillionaires, can save the global economy.