‘The daughter of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the owner of a “secret” military hospital, in which members of the terrorist organization ISIS, are treated, a group prohibited in Russia. One of the employees of the hospital, on condition of anonymity, told the independent research and information organization Global Research that Sumeyye Erdogan’s name belongs to a military hospital, situated on the South-East of the country, in the province of Sanliurfa.

34 years old, the woman helped care for wounded terrorists from ISIS in the hospital , who are brought there from Syria. The whistleblower has worked in the medical facility for seven weeks. According to her, every day in the hospital Turkish military trucks that were delivering the wounded fighters arrived . “We had to prepare operating and to help doctors in certain procedures,” says the woman. According to her, she got $ 7,500 for a month of work in the hospital.’

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