Saturday, November 7, 2015

Reminder - A Live Vigil Gathering & Q&A With Kelly La Sha - Rise Multiversity Event - November 8th, 2015

Our Stance Movement

The Power of Our Intention Decides Our Destiny
CERN, HAARP, AI, the millions of Illuminati satanic ritual abuse and murders, secret ET soul trading, global population control through eugenics, financial collapse, US FEMA concentration camps, WWIII, new world order and the new one religion, are all threats that are being thrown in our faces as if a global awakening and ascension are not in our own hands. Whether they are all conspiracy theories or not, the fear that has spread across the planet has been quite effective; yet as we have seen, instilling fear is the only thing they have accomplished. As more whistleblowers have been coming out, we have been gifted with a broader picture of the rulers that govern our planet. The most frequent question asked is...

“What can I do about it?”... The answer is so simple!

Our intention is far more powerful than we have realized. Simon Parkes created a movement to prevent CERN from creating a black hole and consuming our universe to allow 4D malevolent entities to reign over us, simply by gathering caring people to practice their intention. We have to ask ourselves if we actually consent to our demise, and the demise of the entire human race, or not. We can either stock pile food, water, gold and silver, and/or use our intentions together to create the outcome and for the benefit for all.

In my own personal work and professional work with others, I have witnessed miracles of manifestation through the practice of intention. It can be practiced on your own in ceremony or collectively with others and even in momentary thoughts throughout the day. My invitation is for us to join together on a regular basis to intend a peaceful existence and sovereignty for all on earth and the imprisoned souls.

Our intention will be to co-create a peaceful existence and sovereignty for all on Earth united in time- across space all over the globe. I believe that the result of such efforts will be not only effective, but quite measurable as we witness the changes with our own eyes.


I will create a ceremonial space and guide us into a unified vision. One of the benefits of joining in a webinar is that we can see each other in person and then remind each other that we decided to do this together a long time ago. The days of isolation and solitude are over. Our cultures and governments have made every attempt to separate and de-tribe us for a reason, for we are very powerful in numbers as we stand in our unity.



NOVEMBER 8, 2015
11AM NEW YORK   /   4PM LONDON   /   3AM  (8TH)  SYDNEY


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