Monday, November 23, 2015

What On Earth Can We Do? - Rise Multiversity Podcast

How do we hold center and Rise in the face of these latest Paris Bombing attacks and the exponential escalation of the current engineered global crisis?

Join Sienna Lea, Kelly La Sha and a penetrating group from the Rise Community as they break down their intimate experience of how to hold center through these harrowing times. Six real Women who have spent the last year diving deep to empower their awakening share how the inner journey has made all the difference in their ability to manifest a life worth living in the midst of mayhem. You will be invited into their self-generated field of love and compassion as they reveal their path through their own distorted egos and shadows to arrive at sustainable higher ground. Humor laughter truth tears and the joy of returning to self abound in this penetrating discussion of Embody U graduates.

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