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Tanaath of the Silver Legion Update - “Free Will and the Will of the Creator"- January 14, 2016“Free Will and the Will of the Creator"

by Tanaath on 01/14/16

Hey Everyone. I’m going out of town for the next two weeks and may not be able to post. Please don’t worry – I’m still alive, just out in the sticks where I don’t always have access to my files and the internet. Also, I am looking to contact Corey Goode or David Wilcock – in the spirit of working together that they have publicly expressed. We have mutual contacts who are able to get them into contact with me if needed.

Free Will and the Will of the Creator

Universes that are alive and attached to the Tree of Life are explicitly required to be free will universes. What that means is that all the intelligent, conscious beings within that universe must be granted their own autonomy and control over their own experiences. They must be free to make what choices they can – only when all the beings in a universe are making their own free willed choices can a Source truly experience all of itself. Forcing beings to adhere to another’s will limits the experiences a Source can achieve through its exploration of itself in creation. That includes a Source forcing beings to its own will.

There’s another reason for free will in a given universe. A universe is a Source’s attempt to fully explore itself. Free will is the only mechanism that permits for maximum exploration, because it permits a lot of permutations of expression. In fact, it permits an infinite number of permutations of expression. Limited free will situations place a finite limit on the number of permutations of expression, and no free will basically means a scripted simulation of a universe. A Source can learn nothing it didn’t already know out of a scripted universe. The whole point of a self-exploration exercise the size and scope of an entire universe is to learn something new. That’s only possible if all restraints on possibility are lifted, which has its maximum expression in a free willed universe.

Then there is the restriction against personifying as an individual or particular group within its own creation. The nature of a Source is such that it is simultaneously all things within its particular universe; it is all people, all matter, all energy… everything. The moment that Source becomes an individual soul within the universe, that soul ceases to be Source and is just another creation with the same rights and authority as any other being. The two states – of being Everything and being One Specific Thing – are mutually exclusive. No being can be ‘more Source’ than any given being.

All of this requires that a Source be mostly neutral regarding what its component creations do. The requirement for all potentials to be possible means that a Source can’t pick and choose who or what it loves. A Source loves all parts of itself. A Source wants to experience the maximum it can experience through the actions of its creations in an effort to explore itself. Therefore, the will of a Source is that all beings within it exercise their free will as much as possible. The will of a Source is not ‘to be obeyed’, and it is not to be a king over all creation. Any being claiming to speak the will of the creator in an effort to force free willed beings to give up their free will is lying. Period.

Because all possibilities must be available in some form and because of the requirement for free will, there will always be beings in any given universe capable of choosing a Service to Self orientation. They are a natural part of the universe, as much as are those who choose a Service to Others orientation. Because of the nature of STS beings, however, these usually make up a very small proportion of a universe total. If that proportion gets too large, STS groups become capable of destroying or severely curtailing the existence of other types of beings, which again fundamentally limits the growth and exploration of a Source. So generally, Sources include in their creation fractal code certain self-limiting features for STS beings and STS societies that prevent them from ever overwhelming the whole creation. In general, a given healthy universe will be composed primarily of STO or neutral beings, because those beings don’t offer the same opportunity to curtail the free will of other beings that STS beings do – it takes a lot more effort for STO and neutral types to break the balance in a universe.

However, sometimes STS beings do gain an upper hand in such a way that they must be curtailed in order to preserve the balance of the entire universe. In that case, a Source will not be neutral, because the outcome affects its own health and survival. In a case like that, something must be done in order to ensure the survival of the entire universe.

Sources have limited ability to affect their own universe with direct actions. This is in part because a unilateral action on the part of a Source would by definition destroy the free wills of many beings. This is also because it’s a natural impossibility. A Source cannot directly intervene in it’s own creation, because doing so creates the same mutual exclusion paradox that trying to create a personified being to be itself in its own universe creates. This is because by being an experience provider, a Source waives the ability to be an experience actor (please note, I am using ‘actor’ in the sense of a being or entity that is capable of taking a self-directed action, not in the sense of a person who plays a role for television or movies or theatre or what have you. Essentially, any being with free will capable of doing anything is an actor in a universe). A Source can’t pop a sun, smack down a spaceship, cause a planet to die, or splatter an asshole across the cosmos. All events that occur within a given universe must occur due to the actions and movements of the entities within it, interacting through the fractal-coded conditions (natural laws) that shape their actions and movements.

The way a Source can act is through synchronicity. Because Sources are consciousnesses, they are able to make sure that ideas and information spread to beings able to act upon them. If there is a problem with the balance in a given universe, a Source can’t unilaterally stop, limit, or destroy the offending agents. Instead, the Source will ensure that information about these situations arrive at the ‘doorstop’ of beings that are most likely to be interested in taking action against the ones causing problems. These beings will have the opportunity to act, and if they should choose not to, the opportunity will be offered to someone else, synchronistically, until finally someone acts.

So, we live in a free willed universe. Does that mean that we all just do whatever we want? … Kind of. Free will does not mean freedom from consequences of one’s actions. In general, beings are intended to be able to be free willed and autonomous. What that means is that they are supposed to be able to decide for themselves what they will or will not experience. They should be self-directed and capable of making decisions regarding their own life and actions. For most beings in the universe, who are STO or neutral oriented, this is no problem. In exercising their free will, they will generally not curtail the free wills of others. They are able to exist mutually without feeling the need to limit or control each other. Beings in any society are capable of mutually deciding to live by certain mutually-agreed-upon standards and rules, and there is nothing stopping beings from creating an authority over themselves that may limit their free will in certain ways – the key to this is that this process is mutual and enacted by the beings themselves, not imposed by an outside agent.

STS beings are capable of making free willed choices as well. The nature of Service to Self, however, generally means that they’re cool with furthering themselves at the expense of others. There are STS beings who don’t seek to limit the freedoms of others, but a lot of STS societies are predicated on at least the partial limitation of free will. As long as they keep it to their own societies, it’s usually not much of a problem. One of the consequences of choosing an STS orientation includes a necessary trade off in terms of their own free will – they receive some degree of limitations at the hands of others in return for the opportunity to rise to the top and be the one limiting others. It can take many lifetimes to finally get to be the top of the dogpile, and when they become the top, they don’t last long, because the next king of the castle has to have his chance too. When a universe is healthy and everything is working correctly, it’s a kind of self-limiting phenomenon, where limited free will conditions ensue by the agreement and choice of those involved, and eventually as individuals they do their thing, decide to experience more of the universe, and get out.

Sometimes STS societies overgrow their limits, and when that happens, they start imposing on others who did not choose those conditions. Those who are imposed upon are not obliged to simply lie back and take it because it’s the free willed choice of the STS types to oppress them. As I mentioned above, free willed actions may incur consequences. When one being’s (or group of beings) exercises of free will inhibits or destroys the free will of other beings that did not choose that circumstance, those beings who are imposed upon have the option to resist, fight back, or get help to defend themselves. They don’t have to just take it. They have a right and responsibility to take action to rectify the situation. If they are unwilling or unable to do so, this is when Sources step in by synchronistically making those who can and will step in aware of the situation.

The situation that we are in with this universe, which received a tainted source code fractal from its predecessor changed a few things which have big consequences. To reiterate from the last post, Where Did It All Go Wrong, these changes included differences to how STO and STS beings are. STS beings became more conquistador; the natural self-limiting tendencies were either curtailed or eliminated. Alternate also actively promoted those societies, acting through agents gained in universes before this one. These powerful, ancient negative beings acted by changing neutrals who would have stayed neutral or tended towards STO to STS, and providing slaves, matter, energy, and knowledge to STS societies to help them break out of their natural limits.

Simultaneously, the virus in the fractal code made STO beings less likely to defend themselves or resist when threatened by STS. It made them passive, made them believe that it would be a crime against free will to resist those who wanted to harm them. It made them likely to turn against anyone who would stand up to defend them. In other words, it made STO beings so ‘nice’ that they would offer themselves up as a sacrifice to please STS beings, whether or not that would ultimately serve Others (here’s a hint – it doesn’t!).

The other important thing that this virus introduced was a drive towards top-down authority. Part of Alternate’s fractal structure is top-down authority of a few imposed over many. The virus contained part of that as well. This was expressed in our universe by many beings in terms of absolute obedience to the will of a greater, more powerful being or set of beings – and not in the way a natural STS society has a kind of ’round robin’ opportunity for everyone to eventually try being the boss. This fractal structure is necessarily a violation of free will. It is a structure imposed upon this universe from the outside.

These three factors are largely what has contributed to the situation we’re in now, where on Earth and in many other places in this universe, free will has been significantly curtailed for countless people, and more beings in this universe are STS than usually makes up a healthy proportion. It’s a situation that is designed to result in universe failure and destruction, and it was well on its way to doing so until the root of the problem was discovered.

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