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Tanaath Update - January 6, 2016

“Where Did It All Go Wrong?


Tanaath on 01/06/16

You don’t have to look very far to realize that there is something profoundly shitty going on around here. Billions of humans live in varying degrees of oppression, slavery, and suffering, while a handful of elite share in the spoils of an entire planet. Nature is beautiful, but vicious, deadly and cruel. There is no way to live in such a way that a being harms no other – even vegans kill plants, insects, and microbes to survive. It’s a nasty piece of work, all right, and it’s not limited to this planet.

Oh, there’s plenty of people who will claim that other planets and other dimensions are better – and yes, some of them are improvements on Earth – Earth is a very extreme case – but the underlying problem permeates this whole universe.

An aside, here. Awakening isn’t an on/off proposition, it’s a process. I didn’t start out with full knowledge of everything I’m talking about in this series. Even though I have a fair degree of access to other dimensional people and myself up there, I don’t have full access and full memories from down here. My knowledge down here was built through experience and what I call ‘kenning’ (which would be drawing on my experiences and knowledge base from offplanet in an intuitive fashion). My first conscious embodied experiences with esoteric subjects were with the spirit realms; I didn’t learn about D-space and densities until later in the awakening process. I’ve learned and remembered a lot more since then. When I first started speaking in public, I did not have the understanding I have built since. I also suffered from a lot of the common misconceptions that many new agers suffer from in the beginning. In the meantime, I learned a lot, and that’s what prompted me to write this series.

Many people will enthusiastically tell you that Earth is some kind of spectacularly crappy exception (sometimes framed as if this is all our fault for being such bad bad people), that the ‘higher up’ you go in dimensionality, the less and less shitty life gets and the better and better the people get. The notion that life is better in higher dimensions is partly true. Life is spectacularly shitty on this planet, and in higher dimensions it is far less so. In fact, people in those dimensions can go entire lifetimes without encountering anything truly shitty – living their lives mostly as they wish to. At least, among the positive, Service to Other (STO) oriented societies. For the most part. Life in the Service to Self (STS) societies can get pretty shitty, and it can even get shittier than it is currently on Earth, but generally those beings that are STS oriented accept that kind of thing as the ‘price of doing business’, more or less.

Frequently, however, they’ll tell you that evil and suffering are some kind of factor of the lower dimensions (usually expressed as dimensions 1 through 6) and that it disappears entirely after the 7th and higher. They will insist that the higher dimensionally a being exists at, the better that being is, and the more altruistic, STO-oriented, wise, beneficial, and all around wonderful that being becomes. Which is what should be, in a normally functioning universe. However, it is not the case in this one. I know, I was shocked to find this out, because when I first awoke, I believed this to be the case. Until I started personally encountering a great many exceptions to this particular ‘rule’ and had to investigate why there were so many selfish, egotistical, manipulative, agenda-driven and evil beings from very high dimensions. It started to become clear, to me and to others who were dealing with Earth and all the stuff going on here, that there was A Problem.

The problem was often presented as a factor of the lower dimensions – it was believed that some quality of these lower dimensions was infecting the higher ones – it was believed that higher dimensional beings were somehow becoming tainted with lower level consciousness problems. Beings volunteered to come to this planet and live lives here in order to try to figure out the root of ‘The Problem’ (of which I am one, of many). Everything we had access to pointed to the notion that the answer would be found on this planet. Of course, many assumed that The Problem was somehow this planet and/or its people (hint: it’s not), because all the failure states of this universe seemed to involve this planet.

Failure states of the universe? Oh yeah. Back in the last post, I mentioned that a universe can die if the natural laws are flawed to the point where the universe is ultimately unsustainable. When that’s the case, a universe will go along, seemingly tickety-boo, for a long time (it takes a very very very long time for even small mistakes to express to the point of unsustainability in something the size and scope of a universe) and then suddenly reach a point where all roads lead to death, destruction, disaster, and failure. This is a failure state. It happens with inexperienced Sources who made modifications to the base fractal that end up being unsustainable. The Tree gives those Sources an opportunity to troubleshoot, fix the problems, tweak the source code, and prevent the error; but some Sources are either very inexperienced or very stubborn and never fix their problem and thus end prematurely and fold up in on themselves (aka, die).

The process of troubleshooting a critical error involves the creation of a small infinite number of timelines running as a kind of simultaneous simulation to figure out exactly where the problem is. Our Source encountered a critical error and a failure state, and it seemed to involve this planet somehow. A huge slew of timelines were then generated to see what caused the problem and if there was a way out. At first blush, it didn’t appear that there was a way out. All roads led to tyranny, oppression, slavery, and eventually universal destruction, seemingly without exception. It could be delayed, but it couldn’t be stopped. So Source requested the aid of some experienced troubleshooters to come help figure out the root of the problem. These beings agreed to come into creation and become part of Source’s creation (and thus part of Source), and (because time is actually a fluid thing – more on that later) entered the universe at its beginning and did their detective work by being experiencers in the universe.

What was discovered was shocking to everyone involved. The base fractal that our Source received when it was first making the universe came to it tainted, with tiny little modifications – so small they seemed inconsequential – that would have big effects further down the line when expressed fully. Effects such as negative STS societies turning conquistador instead of self-limiting the way they normally do in a healthy universe, and STO societies becoming pacifistic to the point where they wouldn’t defend themselves and would even try to stop those who would try to defend others. Effects such as free beings turning a blind eye to the suffering and enslavement of others, believing the accounts of such beings to be either lies, hyperbole, or somehow deserved or desired in some way. Effects such as very high dimensional beings who were supposed to act as wardens and handmaidens of creation instead deciding that they wanted to experience power over ‘lesser’ beings – and remaining hidden or inaccessible to those who would otherwise oppose them, such as the wardens and handmaidens who still fought for freedom.

Furthermore, the beings within this universe still had the expectation that the universe would work ‘as designed’, and had (and still have) a very difficult time understanding that things aren’t working the way they are supposed to. And some of those beings – including positive-oriented STO beings – even became in on it, choosing to serve the agents of tyranny in a gross misapprehension of Service to Others being defined as ‘I want you to live in a way that I consider to be correct, and I’m from a higher dimensional than you and so I believe that I am wiser than you, so follow my will instead of your own free will, so that you can live in the way I consider to be correct.’

These things were being passed off as a mistake on the part of our particular Source – a lack of good judgement in modifying the fractal constants – when in fact they were deliberately introduced before our Source even got to it. With great effort, the troubleshooting team started to hunt down how this tainted fractal got to our Source. This involved efforts at all levels of the universe – and involved the efforts of incarnates and other people down on this planet. It was incarnates working in tandem with a slew of beings from various dimensions and spirit realms who first discovered that no, this was not indeed some kind of tainting from below, but a tainting from above. And the ‘above’ in question wasn’t even in this universe, it predated this universe by a considerable amount. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the tainting affected not only the universe that our Source was born from, but the universe that that Source was born from as well. The problem went three universe layers deep, and was spread across countless universes in those three iteration levels.

Some of you will have read my other blog entries and will have heard me talk about the fractal virus. I’ve seen people discuss this with varying degrees of understanding and I realize that I need to clarify what I mean. The fractal virus is not a physical virus that can be transmitted between being to being in which some people are infected and other people are not. You can’t smell the victims of the fractal virus as some have claimed (because that’s everything that exists within an affected universe), you can’t pick out uninfected entities from infected entities (because again, that’s everything that exists within an affected universe); it’s not a disease like a physical world virus. It’s more like a computer virus – a bit of bad code underlying the essential program that will have effects that the user of the program doesn’t anticipate or desire, and that the programmers of the virus intended to cause. Our Source started its universe creation with that bit of bad code already inserted into its base program, without its knowledge or consent.

All matter, energy, and beings within an affected universe are affected by the fractal virus (or error in the code, if you want, though error implies a simple unintentional mistake, where this was very deliberate) to some degree. Because we are all expressions of the fractal of creation, any change to the fractal from which we are expressed affects us. Because every individual expression of the fractal is unique, some beings are less affected and are more resistant to the effect than others, but every being is affected to some degree. Yes, even me, even you, even the ‘gods’, even the good ETs… and especially the bad ETs. How this bit of broken code expresses itself can vary profoundly between individuals, and even between species.

Obviously something like this is a problem, especially since in all the simulation exercises the result was always the same – universe failure. Something like this requires the attention of the Tree Tenders – beings that exist to help Sources and their universes stay healthy, and help to keep the portions of the Tree they are responsible for healthy and sound. Getting a message to the Tree Tenders through three iterations of broken fractal universes wasn’t easy, but we did eventually manage to do so. The Tenders are now aware of the problem, no more universes will be born with this virus and they’re on guard to prevent it from being changed to infect more universes. This universe is getting a dose of repair code.

Please note, this doesn’t mean we get to sit on our asses and do nothing, thinking that all the problems are solved and we have nothing to worry about.

Things happen in universes because experiencers do stuff. Change happens because experiencers do stuff. The repair of the code of this universe is enacted through experiencers (like us) changing how they live, fixing problems with the damaged fractal expression at their expression level. We are not out of the woods. In order to heal our universe, we must act by living the cure ourselves. If you want to live in a universe where you are able to be a free willed being and not under someone else’s tyrannical rule until the inevitable death of the universe and all within it, you have a responsibility to act in ways that will enable this. This universe is badly wounded and can still die from its wounds, even if the disease has a cure. Compare it to a creature that has been badly infected with parasites – even when the parasites have been killed, their remains must be eliminated from the host. That elimination process can kill the host if the infection was bad enough. The host will also have holes throughout its organs and flesh where the parasites lived, those holes must be healed. Our universe is much the same way. It has to be healed, we have to be part of that healing process. We are the flesh and blood of the universe.

Okay, let’s go back a bit to the deliberate part of this virus. I mentioned that this was a deliberate thing. This was done on purpose to our universe (and many others). It was done by beings acting with intention, intending for this to happen. Who were these beings and why were they doing this? I’ve referred to the ‘universe killers’ in my blog. They were the ones responsible for this. It’s a bit of a long story, but we’ve managed to piece it together.

Remember how I said in the last post that a Source that becomes a universe has to agree to the condition of respecting free will? That it can’t be lord god and king of all within it and remain attached to the tree as a living thing? The universe killers were people who were involved with a universe incubation project, some three or four universe iterations preceding this one. There were other people involved in this project – innocents who had the best intentions in mind. The universe incubation project was started out as a positive endeavour – a place for beings to get some training on being a Source and then become Sources in their own right. Plenty of beings took part in the universe incubation, but only a handful were running the project. It was considered a great honour to be involved in any way. However, a small portion of those beings were corrupt, unbeknownst both to the project participants and the others running the project.

These corrupted beings wanted to make their own universe, but they also wanted to live like kings and rule over that universe. Essentially, they wanted to have their tyrannical cake and eat it too. They knew damn well that there was no way to do that, and remain attached to the Tree of Life and thus able to persist for a potentially infinite period of time. They realized that any universe they designed like that would be finite, and therefore their little joyride at the expense of other thinking beings would eventually come to an end. They didn’t want that. They wanted to live like kings forever, reigning supreme over their own personal universe, enjoying all the fruits that a creation can offer at the expense of multitudes of enslaved souls doing all the work to create those fruits. They called themselves what translates as ‘Alternate’ (please note, that is the plural and the singular form, members of Alternate are not ‘alternates’, they are members of Alternate), as a reflection of their perception of themselves as an alternative to the free willed universes of the Tree.

Knowing that any universe they created would be finite, they worked out a plan. There is some degree of transfer between universes – beings, materials, and energy can pass between universes under certain circumstances. They had access to a universe generating project. They realized that they could steal from the universes in the universe generating project in order to power their own universe. They commissioned a special project from a curious scientist to explore into modification of interdimensional fractals and tesseracts. Then they took that scientist’s results and modified them further, into a virus, which they tweaked to act in very specific ways. Then they proceeded to infect the universe generation project with their altered universe code.

The intention of the code was to create conditions within the newborn universes that made them easy to attack and harvest. Initial iterations would simply be leeched off of using a kind of shunt or drain. However, further iterations of the universe creating process would be unstable, collapsing under specific circumstances that this consortium would hasten along with careful manipulation using minions and slaves that they’d already gained control of through the predecessor universes, and using minions and slaves native to the victim universes whom had been made vulnerable to their manipulation through the expression of the fractal virus. These third tier universes were intended to fail when they reached a scope that would provide the biggest payback to the universe killers for the amount of effort and resources expended (because for the universe killers, all resources are finite and must be carefully managed).

One of the non-corrupted members of the project team discovered them and was in the process of building a case against them to stop this from happening, when they found out he found out and they destroyed him and his evidence. They then did away with the rest of the non-corrupt members of the team before that discovery could be repeated, and buried the evidence – they did this by either destroying those non-corrupt members, or forcing them into the universe incubation project directly in a degraded state, memories wiped.

It was through the aid of one of those non-corrupt members who gradually regained their memories that this part of the story was discovered. Those among the discovery team who were able to reach other universes were able to verify this person’s story. We didn’t want to believe it at first – such a thing is both enormous and horrific, an enormity in every sense of the word. Our own third-party investigations revealed that what was described had indeed happened, and were integral into getting the word out to the Tree Tenders that there was A Problem that needed addressed immediately. The Tree and the Tree Tenders cannot see that which is not directly attached to the Tree, making structures such as Alternate’s dead universe difficult to detect except through its effects on living universes.

The members of Alternate at the top of the structure never directly enter a victim universe. The fractal structure their dead universe uses is pyramidal, and compartmentalized, focusing more and more benefits and power and privilege to the top (along with all the finest of resources and pleasures) at the expense of a vast quantity of minions. All transactions and deals take place in such a way that the one with more power wins out over the other parties on a deal in a usurious system which favours the elite, concentrating ‘all good things’ towards the top. Each iteration of the fractal is the same – a cadre of elites reigning over a multitude of servants and slaves, many of whom are looking for a way up. Frequently the minions only know just enough to do whatever their overseers want them to do, and the overseers themselves only know just enough to do whatever their overseers want them to do, with only the very top of Alternate knowing the whole story. Our own universe contains plenty of these structures, introduced by Alternate to aid in the takeover, utilizing the efforts of minions that are lower tier than themselves, but higher tier than anything existing natively in our universe in an attempt to overpower any internal resistance.

With the discovery of Alternate and the virus by the Tree Tenders, the power source for Alternate and their dead universe is now being cut off, which means their days are numbered. But they are still very powerful beings with a huge number of powerful minions. All of them are of the opinion that if they can’t have it their way, they’d rather no one had anything at all, so until the last of Alternate is neutralized one way or another, they’re going to remain dangerous and capable of causing vast suffering. If/when we succeed in freeing this universe and this planet, Earth, and those involved in the freedom efforts in particular will have to be on guard for some time to prevent punitive strikes from whatever portions of the viper remain able to bite.

Next up, Free Will and the Will of the Creator”

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