Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Andrew Bartzis Update - Strange and Unusual Times - July 26, 2016

http://andrewbartzis.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Copy-of-13.-Andrew.jpgWe live in strange and unusual times. Our reality is compressed in scores of ways. Our natural energy is suppressed by the cultural doctrines of the few who rule the many. Now is the time to let go of the projections of others. Now is the time to disconnect from the global infrastructure of distraction and connect into the inter-connectivity of the higher spirit, the source incarnate now.

Mystics since the dawn of time have sought the times we live in now. Millions of generations past have built the astral and physical world we live in now. We stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors receiving the torch of eldership with the action of being an illuminated being in these strange times of now.

Today is a good day to co-create with the sacred neutral point of view, so each can expand their knowingness without stepping on the journey of others.

Trusting in spirit. This is one of the greatest lessons we all learn on the path to self-discovery. It requires us to look deep within our own shadow, psyche and altered egos, so we can begin the process of understanding who we are in these moments of now. We live in a world of duality bordering on a triality. We are truly within one perfect synchronistic thought away from the ascension. It just requires the trust and faith in the universal spirit working through us all.

Trust is a set of choice points that dovetail into knowingness. When the choice points are complete consciousness continues on seamlessly without trust bumps distracting it from its truth.

Trust has many seen and unseen scales in the subtle energy background. Until we can learn to see the subtle energy field around us, trust as a concept will be limited to our 5 senses combined to make our 6th sense which is to be judgement free.

A judgment free point of view is in essence the sacred neutral point of view. We adopt, adapt or assimilate the sacred neutral point of view each day we allow the mystical to change our perception without self-deception based off of our subtle trusting emotions of the moment.

Why do we innately judge trusting in self or spirit? Is the power of choice that grand?

We the generations of the now time, bear the responsibility of acting in the now. The ancestors of the past gave us our traditions, cultures and esoteric practices for us to learn. For the future to exist in the now we must learn how to live in balance with the ancestors of the lands we live on, be it concrete jungle, urban sprawl or ancient forests. We are the ones who act in the now.

In this Now, click the link below to see a video where I share more intimately with you more of the understanding of trust and the choice point.

Strange and Unusual Times

In Soul Friendship,