Sunday, September 11, 2016

Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis – Walking In Energy - Notes & Audio

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Video Time Line:

00:00 Andrew’s Story
12:47 Mental Breakdowns could Be Spiritual Awakenings
15:26 Explaining The Hijacking Of The Incarnation Grid
17:50 The Galactic Ascension Machine
19:20 Earth Galactic Seed Planet Purpose
21:15 Creation Of The Galactic Ascension Machine
23:11 Archon Grid Being Replaced And Council Of 12
29:32 Prime Creator Walk-in Rule For Creating Balance In The Council Of 12
34:01 Archon Multidimensional chess game. Freeing Our DNA so they can create the galactic ascension machine somewhere else.
34:28 Archons Challenging Prime Creator
34:44 They have already Failed but we have to remove them because we are soul family. We can remove them by Eliminating our soul contracts with them  by reclaiming of Sovereign Free Will
35:15 So How Do You Claim Your Free Will?
37:30 Religion to what extent are they propaganda
42:25 The Event Consciousness Shift
43:36 What does earth look like after the event
46:25 How the event unfolds I don’t know but……

47:21 They can hold The Event up for 20 Years
Until you see people out marching in the street in the same scale and size as the 1960s You Are Not Free And There Is No Ascension. So The Consciousness Shift Is Going To Have To Play Out By People Actually Getting Out Of Their Seat, Getting Of Their Butts And Exerting Their Free Will Because Only Your Free Will Is What Can Eliminate Your Fine Print Contracts With These Multidimensional Beings That Hijacked Our Incarnation Grid. Simply Put Your Getting Rid Of The Baggage They Have Brought To You.

49:32 Trickster Spirits
50:31  All Of This Crap Is Being Revealed
50:55 What was Dec 21’st 2012
52:34 Did the archons put us into cities on purpose
52:54 The Whole Point Of The Industrial Revolution
54:16 We are a media driven society without oral traditions
55:09 How does energy harvesting work (sacred geometry cities)
101:09 Prime Creator Reinforce some neutrality back into the council of 12. Andrew Is an aspect of that neutrality. Sacred Neutral

104:09 Whats Andrews intention and soul objective
I am simply being me who is aware that the information stream is limitless and using my freewill to bring about the concept of no more secrets. To Empower people with the concepts of freewill, to empower people to be healers. To Heal others. To come to terms with their soul contracts.
106:58 Michael Monk On Andrew Bartzis

111:51 Galactic Smuggling And Good Guys Can’t Interact With Our Realm Earth Unless They Have Soul Contracts To Be Here.

114:10 The exertion of Free Will the empowering of the people what form does that need to take in your eyes?.

It Starts With Self Healing, Mastering The Energies That Are Around You. Disconnecting From The Matrix Of The Media, Reconnecting To The Matrix Of The Earth, As Well As Learning Psychic Skills That Are Protected By The Golden Tube Of Protection That Allows You To Connect To Your Higher Self And Into Your Dream Worlds. It Is Within Your Dream Worlds That You Already Have 100% Free Will. But If Your Part Of A Soul Society Dream Time City State, Your Dreams Are Limited. You Have To Learn How To Even Disconnect From That And Reconnect To Your Original Dream Space Of Earth Which Is The North Pole Which Is Where The Aurora Borealis Is.
115:51  What action for humanity to take to bring down the system of domination and control.
116:21 Non Violent Non Cooperation. First Step Take Down The Media Don’t Fight The Government

119:22 Michael Monk The Key To Experiencing This World Right Now In A Completely Different Way Is To Become An Energy Master.

120:14 There is never going to be one singular magical day where everything that your to lazy to do for yourself just happens for you. Its part of the false propaganda. A lot of these so called ascension days are putout specifically so people stop working on their consciousness and their own empowerment
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