Sunday, September 18, 2016

Mass Consciousness – Your Energy And Intention Are Needed NOW (LoveInActionNow.Com)

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                          LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Hello beautiful people of Mother Earth~

We are in unprecedented times.  It is so important that we as a collective whole make the conscious effort to Remember Who We Are.  Turn off the outside world and go within to find again that powerful, still quiet voice that leads us Home to Self.  Let me help you by reminding you of some things you may have forgotten.  Say each one slowly and repeatedly. Let yourself FEEL the energy of the words in your body.

I Am a Powerful, Master Creator.
I Am God/Goddess/Source Energy.
I Am Whole, Beautiful and Worthy as I Am NOW.

I have the ability to totally change my reality and make it into the reality I want.

It is also helpful (but not imperative, I believe) to realize that you are enslaved and have been for thousands of years.  We were a highly advanced species, both technologically and spiritually, who were visited by what I call Harvesters – Beings from other planets who, although very advanced technologically, spiritually they were of a very low vibration.  That’s what can happen when one puts more emphasis on technology and forgets Who They Really Are.  Essentially what they did was over-power us (likely with some technology that put us into a coma-like state – technology we did not have because we had no need for it nor would we even consider it).  They then altered our DNA by shutting off most of our codons (a sequence of three nucleotides that together form a unit of genetic code in a DNA or RNA molecule).  Research by Gregg Braden has shown that only 22 of our codons are active.  I believe the 42 codons were turned off by these Harvesters, which I believe they have done for eons in order to enslave populations on entire planets.  The Dark Master Controllers of the Universe, you could say.

Hard to grasp?  Of course it is.  It took me some time to open my mind to this concept, although for me it was easier than it may be for you given I had the initial vision during a meditation.  During this meditation I felt the last time we lived peacefully, free and very advanced was approximately 25000 years ago until something came along and essentially stole our way of life.  It surprised me and I had no idea where this information came from, but I decided to do some searching and learned I wasn’t the only one who had the same or similar thought/belief.

I also believe these Harvesters are the gods many people mistakenly worship.  Source does not command a thing nor does It ask that we worship It.  So we can begin by ceasing to feed them our energies of fear. All thought is a form of prayer.  When we are stuck in fear, which was made easy due to the alternation of our DNA, and certainly when we are seeking God in fear, just be open to the possibility that perhaps you are not receiving nor sending thoughts to the energetic space in which you intend.  Everything is energy.  Everything.  And as such everything vibrates at its own frequency.  Now I am not saying I know for certain the energy frequency of Source, however I do know for certain fear vibes low, love vibes high.  High vibes are what we’re after my friends.

And that leads me to the idea of mass consciousness.  Not to get religious on you, but I do love the verse (Matthew 18:20) that states “for when two or three are gathered in My name, there I am”.  There is Love.  A hint at the power of the collective?  Perhaps.  While we have been enslaved and so much of our true history as to Who We Really Are has been hidden, little hints have been given to us to help us Remember.

Mass consciousness – numbers of us focused on the same intent, the same vibration – has super powers.  We can literally transform this world by doing this as often as possible for as long as it takes.  What are some useful thought forms we can all begin focusing on?  Aside from using the ones at the top, here are some we can use as a whole to help transform this mess into paradise:

*Thank you for our Freedom.  We are Free Now.
*Thank you for the beautiful peaceful world in which we live.
*We Are Multi-Dimensional Beings.
*Thank you for the free energy.
*Thank you for the multitude of healing technologies.
*Thank you for the release of all of the beautiful technologies that Liberate us.
*Thank you for the perfect health for all.
*Thank you for the elimination of all darkness.
*We are Free.  We are Free.  We are Free.

Notice I said “thank you” and stated these phrases as though we already have them.  I look at the Universe as this massive, giant smorgasbord. Kinda like a buffet restaurant on steroids.  We don’t need to say “can I have this” or “can I have that”  We can but it isn’t necessary.  I believe when we imagine what we want as though we already have it and feel that in our body and give thanks for it, then let it go, magic happens.  Then notice the things the Universe sends to co-create with you and others to make this magic manifest.

The more we say these phrases (and heck, make up your own!) and really feel them in our bodies, the easier it is to Walk The Walk.  To BE this energy. Everyday.  It all starts with Self.  And by focusing inward and remembering even just a small part of Who You Really Are, when practiced daily individually and collectively, we CAN and WILL have Paradise now.

Much Love,

Victoria Noreen Starre