Thursday, November 10, 2016

Exclusive Interview With Time Traveler John Titor opinion......

It is my opinion that "timelines" either positive or negative are still within the realm of the matrix of control.  To me time is merely an illusion.  The moment of "NOW" is the only true reality and the concept of time is just a limitation initiated by the matrix to suppress and control those who dare to accept the timeline theories.  Research shows that "time-travelers" always have to come back to the "original timeline" they left from in order to correct the "future".  Each and everyone of us, has the power to remove all limitations as you as an infinite soul is immortal in all aspect of being, which completely eliminates "time" from the equation.

November 10, 2016


In late 2000, a man surfaced on the Internet claiming to have traveled through time. The man, who came to be known as John Titor, alleged to have traveled from 2036 by using a time machine installed in a 1987 Chevrolet pickup truck. According to Mr. Titor, it was the first time machine of its kind, produced and built by multinational conglomerate General Electric for the “Army” in 2034. On earlier Army missions, according to Titor, he traveled seeking an IBM 5100 microcomputer to “stop the mass destruction of the Earth’s biosphere.”

John Titor II is a Lieutenant Colonel and Training Officer with the Temporal Reconnaissance Operations Team, 177th Time Travel Division. John Titor started posting on the Time Travel Institute forums on November 2, 2000, under the name TimeTravel_0, he stated he was from the future and predicted the end of the world. d the John Titor story, have since become legendary.

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