Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gordon Duff Intel Update: The New 9/11, Information In, Israel Rigs an Election (updating)

Where did the ten million missing Democrat votes go, and why is no one in media even asking, but VT?


The plan was for Trump to announce he wouldn’t accept election results, to charge democrats with rigging the election.  He already knew the fix was in and in saying what he said, nobody could make the same charges, though true.  This is taught in every law school.  Ten million democratic votes simply disappeared and the predicted landslide victory of Hillary Clinton was stolen courtesy of very real Russian hackers and the Mossad.

Remember the charges of Russian hacking?  Same as the Trump election rigging game, Russia wasn’t hacking emails, it was hacking ten million votes, in partnership with Israel, as is all over the now totally controlled news.

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