Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Secret Space Program Update - Captain Mark Richards Interview #5

Project Camelot

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CAPTAIN MARK RICHARDS INTERVIEW V — Saturday, October 22, 2016

WWII – Nazis discover the UFO in black forest. They end up working with the Aryans. WWII was fought between 4 interplanetary races and humans. The war simply slowed down the takeover.

What has now been set up is a version of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) acting as a preventative.

Why did the Nordics and Reptoids decide to contact the Nazis?

Nazis were technically advanced. Most of Europe was either under Stalin or Kings and Queens.

Nazis worked with Aryans – a type of Nordic (there are at least 8 different types of Nordics)
Nordic races have vested interest in getting humans up to speed and able to assist them in their wars with other ET races specifically against reptilians and dracos.
Nordics have taken for example 20,000 troops off Earth to act as the front line – in their space wars and as slave labor — seeing them as expendable
Some of these troops were taken to the moon
Human troops can be programmed to be “borg-like” and some Nordic groups find this useful. They advocate ‘transhumanism’ and installing nano and biological implants to make programming troops easier.


The last battle of WWII was fought between 4 ET races (and humans)

NORDICS — 8 different kinds
REPTOIDS (reptilian-human hybrids)

Nordics from Aldebaran also known as Aryans.

Grey allegiance is available to the highest bidder… in this case the Reps and Nordics trade control over them. (my note paraphrased).

Mark said lots of Nordics look like us and can pass in the street as us but some have vastly different internal organs etc.

Nordics started working with Nazis in the 1930s.

They are motivated by self-interest. Using us to help fight their wars is their main motivation. Their agenda tends to see us in a more positive light because it serves them.


Raptors have excellent AI. Any space faring culture develops AI. When they destroy their planet…the AI survives.

Raptors prefer their food source to be hunted… so they like deer, elk etc.

After WWII Raptors (who were once our enemies) saw what good fighters we were and decided to back us.

Raptors took herds of dinosaurs off planet and raise them as cattle. This is their main food source. They regarded humans as like a kind of caviar….


We talked about the William Tompkins info about nuclear missiles and the progress to building larger craft and bases. RAND the think tank being much for involved in the secret space program than previously thought.

There is a RAND NUCLEAR MISSLE BOOK FROM 1948 still available on their website for example.


We were stopped by certain ET races twice when trying to build a Moon Base… eventually we succeeded. But they tried to stop us twice:

After Sputnik
1961 Exeter conference in the UK — we were told no — 3 different races stopped us from proceeding. (not sure how)

He said our military persisted and eventually succeeded. Partially because Curtis LeMay was the Commanding General and basically went by the policy “just nukem” if they don’t get out of the way…

By 1960s we had a base on the MOON.

Bobby Ray Inman was also instrumental in this.

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