Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Teachings of the Ankh - Op-Ed of an Arcturian Starseed

Received via email.... The following article was submitted for posting.


"I am Arcturian starseed/contactee/channel, intuitive, and healer who is here to help bring in the New Earth."

The following is an open letter to all those who are finding themselves feeling angry, shocked, scared, or sad following the announcement of Donald Trump's win - even if you aren't someone who supports Hillary, either. Take heart, because not everything is as it seems, and much more is under your control at this moment than you likely realize. If you make the conscious choice to shift to a higher perspective, it is possible to view this turn of events as something wonderful. And in fact, doing exactly that is precisely what is most needed right now.

Allow me to explain. This isn't about which candidate would make a better President. It was never about that, because the Presidency as we know it will soon no longer exist - at least on some timelines.

Some have called this election a massive distraction, designed to whip everyone up into a frenzy that prevents them from sensing what's really going on in the world, because they're so wrapped up in the issues being debated, and what each candidate stands for. To a certain extent, that is an accurate statement - but at the last possible moment, the function of the election drama began to serve a purpose far more powerful than that of a simple distraction. A purpose that had sinister intent behind it, yet that can also be used in an incredibly constructive way, by those of us who choose to see it for what it actually is.

I went to bed last night thinking that Hillary would "win" the election, with the polls perhaps being rigged in some way to ensure her "victory". But what has actually occurred is an ingenious plot twist: one that serves the interests of the elite in a manner that we must expose and repurpose in order to turn it on its ear, and use it to our benefit.

By "the elite", I don't just mean the global (human) elite. I mean the entire company of the Powers That Be, who are about to become the Powers That Were. This includes the off-world and interdimensional beings who are pulling the strings of the human elite here on Earth, and who orchestrate virtually every major political, military, and economic event that occurs on our planet. In fact, it's all about them, really. Because what I'm getting intuitively on this is that by allowing Trump to win, they have unleashed a massive storm of emotional energy that they can now feed off of.

In retrospect, I think this has been the plan all along: to pit Hillary vs. Trump, and at the last minute, to manufacture the victory that would cause the biggest outpouring of energy from humanity. On the side of many of those who are Trump supporters, it's the energy of self-righteous elation. On the side of many of those who are NOT Trump supporters, it's the energy of anger, shock, fear, and sadness. Needless to say, whatever "side" you're on... that's a heck of a lot of energy (a uniquely human energy that stems from our strong emotions) that's pouring out into the interdimensional atmosphere today, as people learn the news, talk about it with their friends, family members, and colleagues, and ruminate on what this means for the U.S., the world, and their own personal lives. As this energy emanates from each of us - and from entire towns, cities, countries, and continents - it goes straight to the place it was intended to go to by those who set up this whole election drama: into the metaphorical mouths of the beings who have enslaved us for eons. Which I'm sure you can agree, isn't exactly ideal. Right? ;)

The energy release wouldn't have been nearly as intense if they had let Hillary win - and so it had to go to Trump. Most of the world sees Hillary as the superior choice, and so her victory would have resulted in a collective energy of relief emanating from countless hearts and minds, which isn't something that can be fed off of. So in the end, it had to be Trump.

Now, here's where the empowerment piece of this whole thing comes in. Our job - each and every one of us - is to transmute this energy. If we want to transform this turn of events into something that benefits us rather than something that siphons our energy and plants us firmly on a not-so-nice timeline, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to alchemize this energy so that it no longer carries such a strong emotional charge. And trust me: this is possible. I know because when I woke up this morning and read that Trump had been elected President, I was filled with joy and delight. In fact, I've been giggling all morning. Not because I agree with his stance on anything. Not because I think he is the best human for the job of President. Not because I think it's okay to treat women the way he does. Not because I think xenophobia is a valid philosophy. Not because I was happy Hillary lost.

The reason I feel such joy and contentment today is that I chose to see - just as you can - that this turn of events is a massive opportunity to catalyze the anchoring in of the New Earth, and that the REAL awakening on this planet starts right now.

Note that this energy of joy and contentment has nothing to do with believing that Hillary got her "just desserts". It has nothing to do with wanting to see her fail, or desiring her to suffer, regardless of what immoral acts she may have committed. If you're finding yourself in that kind of mental space today (even if you're not a Tump supporter), you still bear the responsibility of transmuting your perspective into something more loving and kind. Something unconditionally loving towards all of humanity (including Hillary), which is to lightly hold the vision that we will ALL remember our connection to the Divine, one way or another, and that we will ALL ascend. This is the perspective that will best serve you, if you are someone who truly wishes to align with The Law of One.

See, your personal perspective is what determines whether you are releasing massive amounts of negative emotional energy (sending it directly to those who use it as a food source), or retaining your positive energy to be enjoyed on a personal level as joy, contentment, happiness, and bliss: feelings that lift you up onto "higher" timelines where there is more palpable Divine energy present. By choosing NOT to flow energy into the "doom and gloom"/victimhood/down with Hillary/Trump will ruin us all perspective, but to see the results of this election as a much-needed catalyst that will send shock waves through a population that desperately needs to be shaken up in order to remember who they really are (majestic creator beings who are having a temporary, illusorily "limited" human experience), you are retaining your energy (amplifying it for constructive personal use) and disrupting the leech-like plans of those who are using this election drama as a means to satisfy their voracious appetite for humanity's emotional energy. Which means that for every person who takes a stand for his or her happiness by stewarding an elevated, spiritually-informed perspective of the election, its "outcome", and the parties/candidates involved, these beings' ability to connect with our reality will be cut shorter and shorter. Which is exactly what we need to focus on facilitating in order to be free of them forever, and remember that we don't have to be victims of their treachery any longer.

And there's a deeper dimension to this, too. By taking responsibility for your own perspective on the election... by choosing to react differently to what appears on the surface to be an "us versus them" scenario that "justifies" strong negative emotion (even the majority of victorious Trump supporters are feeling negative emotion, although it is disguised as positive emotion), you determine what reality you will experience next. This is the stuff of timeline-cleaving, which locks you in to one lifestream in lieu of another - AKA the ascension path, or the DEscension path.

The definition you give to this situation in your inner world is EVERYTHING. If you mentally label Trump being elected as something negative, or label Hillary as being an evil person, that is exactly what will get reflected back to you in your outer world. The negative emotions that arise from your definitions will propel you onto a timeline that matches that vibration of negativity. That negativity will soon be staring you in the face, everywhere you go. Whereas if you mentally label Trump being elected as something positive (even if - and ESPECIALLY if - you are not a Trump supporter), and choose to see Hillary in the light of forgiveness, circumstances and experiences that match your positive assessments will begin to flow your way. Not in the sense that you will attract more of Trump and his ideas into your life, or that Hillary will come knocking on your door wanting to have lunch with you, but in the sense that an avalanche of things you will assess as happy, joyful, good, and right will begin to make themselves known to you. You will rise up onto a timeline that matches that vibration of positivity. Experiences of love, rather than fear, will become your new normal.

As above, so below. There's no escaping that one.

So let's all look at this situation through the eyes of little children. Let's lighten the mood a little - or a lot. If you don't want to live in a world where Trump is President, your best bet is to accept what appears to have happened, and shift your perspective to one that allows you to see this turn of events in a positive light that heralds the beginning of a beautiful new age (even if there are going to be a few bumps along the way to "get there"). Trump being elected is going to trigger the dissolution of many old paradigms, simply as a result of the somber contemplation that it will bring on in so many people. Contemplation is a space that so many human beings have never even visited, and yet it is an absolute must as a first step on the path of soul remembrance.

The best thing you can do today is go within, and take personal responsibility for what you find there. Don't fixate on the aspects of Trump's message that appear to be filled with hate, as it is entirely up to you whether those will come to fruition in the form of action on the timeline you will inhabit. Don't focus on feeling triumphant that Hillary got "blindsided", because in truth, she didn't, and reveling in the notion that she did is not a vibration you want to put out there, anyway.

Flip the script inside your mind. Alchemize the fear, the sadness, the shock, the anger, the judgment, the worry, and the parts of you that want to see Hillary suffer.. into your own personal gold, by choosing to look at what's happening, and the people involved, in a different way. Find the light in the game of darkness we're all playing, and you'll be sure to win.

Before too long, you just might find yourself in a reality where everything changes in an instant, this turn of events doesn't even "stick", and governmental structure as we know it has given way to something far, far more beautiful and inspiring. ;)