Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Slavery" RV Update - November 16, 2016


RV Update
November 16, 2016


Aloha Community,

The entire shadow government octopus has the ever looming threat of being exposed as career thieves, murders and pedopiles.

Their option only is to play along with the silent implantation of the restored Republic or be publicly exposed as child rapists--and many much worse. 

The cabal's leading occult criminals are all involved in a unified sex trafficking operation that traces directly back to the Roman Catholic Church headquartered in Vatican City, Rome.  And whose leader, the White & Black Pope known as Pope Francis--is anything but merciful or benevolent.

Those Popes (Francis is the first and only White and Black Pope) worked under the command of the Grey Pope who was also known as true Pindar, who was overseer of all Dark Nobility families and was considered internally to be occult ruler of the world--reporting only to Nimrod (aka Moloch aka Baphomet aka Satan aka Lucifer aka The Illuminated Angel of Death--hence the secrete occult term "illuminati").

Therefore, if humanity's jubilee is not completed by November 20, 2016--per Pope Francis' own timeline--both Francis and all leadership past and present within the Catholic Church--globally--will lose all pre-negotiated amnesty and be publicly exposed along with all of their corporate minions including those public operatives managing their former USA, Inc. asset.

This includes both the Clinton and Trump families, who fooled 122 million Americans last week in a made for TV popular vote that neither counted nor will be recognized by the restored Republic. 

Much of what had to be worked through and the very end was not about amnesty of the cabal's hard core loyalists however, rather how and when to disclose alien species being both on earth and in full control of humanity since Atlantis. 

This is why John Kerry was recently in Antartica and why Obama will be sequestered in Peru later this week.

This is also why there's even a need for a "cabal" as it is deemed necessary to keep humanity ignorant as to their true oppressors and thus inside a cage of illusion, which only allows human beings  to consider themselves free when the exact truth is factual.

You've been a slave your entire life.  And don't blame the messenger this time--take responsibility for your own enlightenment. 

Still want those high sovereign rates?

I realize this is harsh information right before your big RV moment which is racing towards everyone faster than they realize, hope or have prayed for. 

Yet it is now critical all slaves fully understand why this financial RV was even necessary--as we are all fighting for the liberation of our species and planet. 

Hence why this event is actually a heavenly transition that includes a brief but mighty earthly transaction for those souls who have been chosen to lead the masses out of darkness.

It's time to wake up folks before they put us back to sleep for another 13 millennia.

God is with us.