Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Why" RV Update - November 16, 2016

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RV Update


November 16, 2016


"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."

 - Pena Chodron


Aloha Ready, Willing and Able Currency Community,

The anticipation must be hard to bear at this point.  It's super close and you all know it.  You can feel it in your bones. 

The build up is now overwhelming.

And that "today's the day" mentality you work up into emotionally each day whereby all your problems will magically be taken away by the abundance of the RV ain't as easy to generate anymore after all these brutal months and years of waiting around chasing invisible treasures.

Why oh why is this monetary event still not happening?  And why oh why is this suffering still happening to me? 

Well, it's happened for global sovereign family members already.  While more in the upper classes have been going through for months now, and continue to be processed right now, like today now.

Yet those in the middle, lower to poor classes all are still made to wait.  Why
Oh Why?  How is this fair?  How is this roll out strategy even honorable?  Noble?   Humane?

Listed below are 5 possible "why's" why Heaven and Earth have yet to manifest in your life:

First, traffic flow. 

The NPTB don't want all classes jamming into banks and redemption centers at the same time.  By taking the process tier by tier they ensure more safety throughout the process.  The wealthy don't want to be around the poor nor the poor around the rich.  It's hard enough getting Democrats and Republicans to hug it out in the same room post the faux USA, Inc. election--thinking that Prince's and Peasants will suddenly get along and car pool together en route to exchange centers is just not rationale.

Second, anonymity. 

The slower they process redeemers the less collective attention is paid to the overall process. Fewer eyes on the prize, extended over a long period of time, guarantees the lowest possible awareness factor and thus the highest safety level.  This creates heightened anonymity and permits the process coordinators to achieve desired results on a continuously schedule--all be it at what appears to be slow motion speed...
when in truth the RV is flying towards us at light speed.

Third, rate. 

Depending on what class you're in determines your redemption rate. The higher you are, the lower your rate and vice versa.  In fact, many who redeemed early in Reno spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on currency yet received far less than one penny on their IQD, VND and ZIM currencies.  Whereas those who are made to redeem last will be eligible for the highest sovereign rates exceeding 50,000 USN.  Meaning, those who felt they were better than everyone else, ultimately were made to receive the lowest rates, and those who felt the lowest among us shall soon know what it feels like to be lifted higher than all others in terms of rate and fiscal status. This was done intentionally to bless the meek and burdened the rich, who must now helplessly watch as the "less privileged" in society zoom past them financially.

Fourth, patience. 

The RV was designed to teach one very important lesson and that was patience.  Sudden wealth comes with many blessings, but just many burdens.  Burdens that are new to all of you.  And one of those burdens is mastering patience.  When you're struggling to survive you have very little to no patience, and as a result you make bad decisions and lose your wealth.  Yet having RV sized wealth calls for extreme patience in all your dealings--or the opposite of where many of you find yourselves today.  Thus by being made to wait till the bitter end, the Elders are benevolently teaching each you, regardless of your nationality, language or race, that great patience is required whenever desiring to preserve great wealth.  Sure your monetary reward will be unprecedented, but the true gift given over the course of the RV has been their lesson of patience.  

Fifth, education. 

Americans in general are not big history buffs, not of their own country and certainly not other cultures.  Believe it or not, many nations and races actually existed for several centuries before America even arrived, only 240 years ago.  So the longer you are made to wait, the more time you have to read, study, acquire and master wisdom as to the how and why an RV is even necessary or possible at this time.  Some have made wonderful use of this additional pre-RV time, while also still keeping their existing life on course, others not so much.  Either way, you all learned something about yourself that contributed to your education moving forward.

Today, maybe it's wise to trust in God's timing as perfect.  And appreciate all apparent delays as benevolent, even those we believe are holding humanity back.  Perhaps they are but  opportunities for us all to sharpen our saws before we cut down our own family's generational tree of usury poverty and species enslavement.

God is with us.