Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Electoral College Update

Received via email.....

The 538 electoral votes may have been cast, but will not be counted until January 6, 2017.


Any news outlet telling you differently is lying.  And remember, it was these same news outlets that bold faced lied to the world about Hilary Clinton's insurmountable pre-election polling numbers and she lost in as landslide.

Folks, don't buy their lies yet again.  Awaken.  Surrender.  Ascend.  Now.


Main Stream Media News About The Electoral Votes

Wall Street Journal-15 hours ago
Donald Trump was easily affirmed the winner of the 2016 election after the Electoral College met in state capitals across the country Monday, ...
USA TODAY-15 hours ago
Trump surpassed the 270 electoral votes needed from 538 electors casting their ballots, in a day of normally ceremonial voting that drew ...
Trump wins electoral college amid nationwide protests
BBC News-4 hours ago

Los Angeles Times-18 hours ago
Although electors in dozens of states still have to vote, the electoral balloting in Texas put Trump over the majority threshold, according to a ...