Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Free Energy Update - South Korea comes a step closer to LIMITLESS energy

South Korean scientists have set a world record for plasma operation, a fundamental component of nuclear fusion reactors (illustrated). The findings take researchers a step closer to producing limitless, clean energy 

South Korea comes a step closer to LIMITLESS energy: Country's fusion reactor sustains plasma for more than a minute in a new world record
  • South Korean team maintained plasma in a steady state for a record 70 seconds
  • Maintaining hydrogen in its unstable superheated state is a key part of fusion
  • Inside the KSTAR reactor temperatures can reach 300 million degrees Celsius
  • Nuclear fusion could generate limitless clean energy from hydrogen 

Engineers in South Korea have pushed the boundaries of nuclear fusion by setting a new record for maintaining plasma.

Plasma is one of the four states of matter - the others being liquid, gas and solid - with examples being lightning and the sun.

In a reactor at a national fusion facility, a team managed to keep superheated plasma in a steady state for more than a minute.

The new record marks another step towards nuclear fusion as a potentially limitless source of energy.