Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Weary Starseed Human Gets More Insights and Shares Them With You

                         LOVE IN ACTION NOW

Earlier today someone on my facebook feed posted the question, “What if life is really like the movie The Truman Show”?  Interesting question – one I have asked myself.  Later this evening, as I watched a video on Tesla, a clip from The Truman Show was presented, making the comparison that our Reality is a giant illusion just as presented in the movie.  I had also heard today that Antartica is an illusion but a further explanation was not forthcoming, so naturally I was intrigued to learn more.  The Universe helped me with this.

Later in the evening I tried accessing Antarctica on google maps with the “earth image” option.  However doing so I was told the entire continent has no images for me to zoom in on.  Universe wasn’t done yet helping me out.  If that weren’t enough, a friend of mine just “happened” to inform me a brief time later that viewing Antartica on google earth, when viewed from underneath or the bottom of the earth, you cannot see the rest of the earth.

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