Monday, December 26, 2016

Kent Dunn Intel Update - Chimera E.T.s In Brazil and Africa, Washington D.C. Nuke Defused, Russian Plane, RV/GCR, Obama Clones & More

Kent Dunn Intel Update - Chimera & D.C. Nuke Defused

Notes:  Kent Dunn sources state that private military forces under Washington D.C. last night on December 24th have located and defused the nuclear bomb and a biological chemical weapon.  This nuclear and biological weapon was planted by President Obama's handlers, not by Obama personally.  The White Hat forces are still looking for the nuclear bomb in the New York underground area. Kent Dunn will report on this update as soon as he gets information from his sources.  

Notes will be provided as time is allowed.....

Kent Dunn Intel Update - Barrack Obama Clones and the Rothschilds