Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#PizzaGate - Rudolph Giuliani Twitter Account May Be Fake

giuliani statement

Wikimedia Commons

There has been many reports today that Former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani, has been tweeting about #PizzaGate and even having his life threatened for exposing this subject matter.   I first heard of this story when it broke yesterday 12/19 and took screen shots of the supposed real twitter account of Rudolph Giuliani. I still have all the tweets and screen shots saved on my computer.  I was quite surprised and was about to write up a complete report for the blog.  I then decided to double check to see if this was Rudy's real twitter account before I went to post.  My research led me to multiple twitter accounts for Rudolph Giuliani and so I scoured the internet for about an hour to locate any official statement from Mr. Giuliani that would point me to his official twitter account.  I came up with nothing.  To me I sensed it was a parody account since it had less followers as compared to the other twitter account so I dropped the story.  Now that many people are emailing me about this I decided I should present the current situation.

Here are the two twitter accounts acting like Mr. Giuliani.

@RudolphGiuliani vs. @RudyGiuliani

The account that was just banned from twitter for promoting #PizzaGate is @RudolphGiuliani.

The other account @RudyGiuliani is still active and also has more followers as compared to the banned account.

Here is the archive page of the banned twitter account for those who want to see the tweets about #PizzaGate and a public statement to the people.  I can confirm that what you see on the archive page are the tweets I did screenshots of last night. Here is the link http://archive.is/IDBh5

Is this a psyop to entrap reporters, bloggers, and journalists to report 'fake news' or is this really Rudy's real twitter account?  Question everything and never give up searching for your truth.