Tuesday, December 20, 2016

When Reality is but a Dream (Donald Trump, Republic, Main Stream Media)

Received via email....  

When Reality is but a Dream

Donald Trump has not yet been elected President of the Republic of the United States.  No one has.
Per the Constitution, the President of the Senate opens sealed votes delivered from each state, and counts them aloud at 1:00pm EDT before a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2017.

If no candidate wins the required majority of the 538 cast electoral votes (270) the House of Representatives will vote to select the President of the Republic of the United States (the Senate will do the same for the Vice President) and then both winners will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

This means all channels within the main steam media matrix (tv, print, web, social) are a collective propaganda machine designed by a hidden ruling class.  They have accurately been dubbed the cabal. 

This cabal exists to fool every American citizen for their entire lives, including the 137 million Americans who voted in the general election this past November.  None of their votes counted to electing a president or Vice President of the Republic of the United States. 

Before the election, they lied to the entire country and world about Hillary Clinton being a shoe-in for President--4-6% according to every reputable poll, and now again with Donald Trump winning the December 19, 2016 electoral college vote, which is anonymous, sealed and not yet a recorded / official voting outcome.

And if you don't believe this fact as truth, consider their latest lie to the American and global public:

"A Russian diplomat was shot 9 times in the the back by an Islamic terrorist, yet no blood flows anywhere on an all white floor?

Humanity, please wake up and take back your planet by declaring your sovereignty and surrendering to the will of the Creator Father and. It the cabal unknowingly. 

The transition event is upon us all.

God is love.