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Preston James Update - The Coming War on Pedophilia? - December 18, 2016

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The Coming War on Pedophilia?

By Preston James, Ph.D on December 18, 2016

Advice for President-Elect Trump on what must be done to attain his Agenda for America

Sandusky was allegedly “just the driver” – Jimmy SaVILE – Denny Hastert … the revolving door of peds
What is Donald Trump’s best path to attain the full agenda that he energetically promised to the American voters?

And what actions could he take that could disprove the DNC and Major Mass Media allegations that he is a billionaire that has always had a silver spoon in his mouth. That he promised everything that dissatisfied Americans wanted to hear just to get elected and once in office will service his wealth one-percenter buddies?

The best advice that can be given to him is to maintain the same strategy that won him the election, to mobilize and strengthen a growing emergent American Populism.

This same American Populism that has emerged largely from the Alternative media of the worldwide Internet now demands and end to DC cronyism and endemic corruption that has occurred at every level of the USG.

Trump’s winning strategy was to mobilize this emergent populist mass dissatisfaction of the American workers and disenfranchised middle class.

Trump’s canny ability to focus on his adversary’s weaknesses were quickly strengthened and magnified by the massive leaks of DNC related emails published by Wikileaks.

And no one yet has provided any evidence these emails were not genuine, and the Controlled Major Mass Media, an illegal News Cartel itself, has accepted them as legitimate despite frequent attempts to paint Trump as an enemy of We The People.

Media moguls
News Cartel
Trump’s campaign strategy, which turned out to be extremely effective included very canny edgy comments delivered daily that grabbed the headlines and main talking points. 

His very greatest opposers, the CMMM, is run by six Media Moguls who answer to a large investment house in Switzerland that claims to be on the vanguard of investments.

These CMMM enemies turned out to be Trump’s greatest campaign asset by providing hundreds of millions of dollars of free campaign advertising.

How could this be you might ask, when the CMMM continually broadcast negative reports about Trump?

Most Americans rejected at face value all these negative CMMM taking points about Trump, thus reinforcing their distrust of the USG itself and the CMMM.

The more that the CMMM kept broadcasting anti-Trump news that seemed noticeably biased and false, the more the American masses supported Trump.

I will not recite Trump’s populist agenda here because it is available at numerous sources and most know it by heart already.

City of London statue
City of London statue
But it is fair to say that not only is his agenda going to be extremely difficult to attain as promised, but in fact, his only chance of doing it is to capture a majority of Americans for full and energetic support.

And this means he will have to win some of his opposers over to his way of thinking in full support of his agenda if he is to be able to fully attain it.

Like it or not, the Clinton and Obama Presidencies have been unable to reverse all the massive damage to the American economic system that was created by GHWB and his Cabal and by Bush2, which many now realize was fully authorized by the City of London private Banksters and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).

Two Gulf wars and war in Afghanistan, set up as perpetual wars to be continually lost like Korea and Vietnam, have drained the US taxpayers’ wealth and transferred it to the Defense Contractors (especially the no bid types) and the large RKM related bloodline families which own large blocks of their stock.

How did America end up being run by a foreign espionage front, the City of London Rothschild Khazarian Mafia private Fiat Banksters?

And ever since a major coup d’├ętat against America was successfully implemented in 1913, our manufacturing of US Money and its distribution has been hijacked by a foreign espionage entity dedicated to the complete asset stripping and destruction of America.

The means to do this was for the US Banksters (aka the Federal Reserve, a foreign owned bank, a franchise of the Rothschild City of London private Fiat Banking System), to form a critical alliance with the Saudis and some other Mideast oil producers.

This oil alliance was a three way agreement between the major oil companies, these oil producers and the USG. It involved the US Military and NATO providing complete military protection for these oil producers as long as they agreed to accept US Dollars for their oil.

Nixon and Kissinger
Nixon and Kissinger
This caused the US dollar to become the Reserve Currency for the whole world and the USD became referred to as the US Petro Dollar.

At about the same time, Nixon under the advice of Kissinger, removed the requirement that the US Dollar had to be backed by Gold and Silver, transforming them into Federal Reserve interest bearing Debt notes only.

This was completely unconstitutional and illegal and was soon followed by the theft of all American gold from Fort Knox and other repositories by the COL RKM Banksters.

The bottom line to this hijacking of our own Constitutional money creation and distribution system is this:

We The People have been forced by our own USG to pay usury to use what should have been our own Constitutional money in the first place and have also been forced to pay illegal Federal taxes which were imposed the say way that the COL RKM Banksters hijacked our money creation and distribution system in the first place—by bribing and human compromising our elected politicians and our President to violate the US Constitution and Rule of Law.

Once our Constitution and Rule of Law was violated by these foreign based COL Banksters (an act of blatant foreign espionage against America), it was then easy for these Banksters to proceed to buy off, human compromise and coerce almost every single top USG official, elected or appointed.

Those that don’t cooperate are then voted out by various sophisticated means like massive support for a selected opponent, redistricting, wrongly, falsely smearing. This was done to Representative Cynthia McKinney and also to Senator Dave Durenberger.

Or prosecuting and/or jailing by use of trumped-up fake charges and fake evidence like what was done to Governor Don Siegelman or Representative James Traficant (both were completely innocent).

Some believe that James Traficant was murdered in a staged tractor accident upon orders by the SPC (COL RKM) at his farm after his release from prison.


Putin and the Russians had nothing to do with the DNC’s emails being leaked and published by Wikileaks.

The claim that he did by elements in the CIA’s top management, DNC leaders and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is a psyop to derail Trump’s election win by manipulating the Electoral College electors.

This Psyop is perhaps also based on the fear that Wikileaks is a Mossad Op and Trump is perhaps being manipulated covertly by RKM Zios without his knowledge in a very crafty covert operation to put him in power where they can manipulate and use externally based economic and political forces to manipulate him.

The best guess who provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks which appear to have originated with the NSA raw data is an American Intel group.

A very good bet is that it is a group of deep black, high ranking American Intel insiders who have access to all NSA raw data provided the DNC emails to Wikileaks or some other group that has such access.

This Psyop which wrongly blames Putin obviously ignores is any attention to the fact that none of the leaked emails have been contested and claimed to be untrue.

Nor has the DC Establishment, the FBI or the CMMM viewed them as evidence of major RICO crimes as they should for such crimes as illegally manipulating the nomination process to move Bernie Sanders out of the nomination process. This is where the emphasis should be.

And major LE efforts should be made to prosecute the BCC and many others for all the Mideast war crimes and lies which resulted in the functional financial demise of the USA and millions of needless deaths, including the thousands of dead, suicided and disabled American Soldiers.

Some insiders claim that the DC Establishment greatly fear Trump because he is not believed to be a member of any Secret Society or the Satanic Pedophile Network, which most top Republican, as well as top Democrat Members of Congress, are alleged to be. If true, this would likely make it extremely difficult or impossible for the DC Establishment to control him.

FederalReserveBankTrump has no chance to succeed in attaining his agenda unless he deals head on with this massive financial theft and fraud of American wealth by the foreign espionage system (the COL RKM) which runs the Federal Reserve System.

This COL/RKM Banksters system has imposed the massive fraud that We The People owe them trillions of dollars in interest for using what should have been our own money in the first place.

Actually under US Law and the US Constitution we owe them NOTHING. There is no legitimate Federal Debt nor is their self-imposed name the Federal Reserve (“the Fed”) legitimate either. The FRS is no more a part of the USG than federal express which is a private corporation.

With proper executive PDD orders signed by Trump and proper adjudication, the FRS could be eliminated, the owners convicted of massive RICO Financial Fraud and all their assets could be clawed back because there is no statute of limitations on fraud.

So if Trump wants to succeed he will have to credibly communicate the conclusion to We The People that there is no legitimate Federal Debt owed to the FRS (franchisee of the COL RKM private Fiat Banksters) and that this must be immediately corrected with all stolen funds recovered and returned to taxpayers.

Trump must gain massive support of We The People and Congress to dump the FRS. This will be necessary to cancel this phony FRS US National Debt and take the creation and distribution of American money back into the US Treasury, where it must be backed by Gold, Silver clawed back from the COL/RKM Banksters that stole it beginning in 1971. Government owned commodities and real estate can also be used to back the US Dollar.

Trump’s biggest enemies will be those who have been inducted into the large Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) which is run as a massive human compromise, mind-kontrol system by the COL RKM used to keep initiates compromised, blackmailable and in line.

This massive SPN is financed in America by the City of London RKM private Fiat central Banksters through their largest franchise, the Federal Reserve System (FRS).

This provides endless funds supply of funds to buy, bribe and finance any necessary human compromise operations including the Satanic Pedophile Network which is used to keep top USG Officials and major Corp leaders (including the CMMM moguls) in line, doing what the COL/RKM Banksters and their Superiors demand.


Perpetual Wars and the Seeds of Gladio

"New Gladio" Italian Fascist front traced to CIA and MOSSAD operations including possible "Islamic" terrorism
“New Gladio”
Historically it has been is generally recognized that for any ruler to consolidate power he must engage in a serious pre-engineered war with another nation or nations.

In the past other leaders split this into real foreign wars (unconstitutional, perpetual, undeclared, unwinnable) and created other “social wars” on the home front, like the war on poverty, the war on crime, the war on drugs, and now the war on terrorism.

The Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) working at the direction of the COL RKM Banksters very craftily created a new major world war that was also brought home to America’s mainland.

This new War on Terror was created through the use of NATO’s Operation Gladio left-behind Nazi Army and hired CIA mercenaries, largely financed by Saudi Arabia.

These disposable mercenaries have been deeply mind-kontrolled by certain large DOD contractors who deployed some very sophisticated mind-kontrol technologies based on remote psychotronic brain entrainment. Their leaders have been high ranking CIA, Mossad and IDF who have all lost their very souls during initiation human compromise rituals.

debt-slavery-1If Trump tries to attain his agenda without cancelling the fraudulent imaginary US National Debt, he will be doomed to failure.

Why is this? Because the US Petro Dollar is well on its way to rejection as the world’s reserve currency and in addition this imaginary unconstitutional and illegal multi-trillion dollar FRS debt bomb will finish off We The People by asset stripping us right into the street, homeless unless it is exposed as a fraud and cancelled by Trump as soon as he is seated.

If he tries to cancel this fraudulent imaginary FRS/COL RKM US National Debt without complete populist support of We The People, he will fail because the Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) runs the CIA and most of DC (including the top Democrats, top Republicans, and every official USG agency, as well as the CMMM.

In practical terms this means that those Democratic and Republican leaders and high USG and Intel officials compromised by their secret evil pedophile addictions and membership in the SPN could be easily coerced by the COL RKM (the folks who control the SPN) to thwart Trump on all fronts.
The only way for Trump to neutralize these opponents is to continue reinforcing American populism and then mobilizing it to attack these high USG and Intel officials held captive by the SPN.

To defeat his opponents and attain his agenda, Trump must create a new War on Pedophilia in America.

He knows that America cannot afford any more expensive foreign wars so it must be a war against evil at home and nothing is more real or more evil, or more easy to prove that the presence of this very large, very powerful SPN that controls the DC Establishment, the top Corporate leaders, Intel and USG agencies.

American mothers are a sleeping populist giant that once awakened can easily be mobilized to attack this large and powerful SPN on all fronts, especially by petitioning, calling, writing and demonstrating against the CMMM who will work to cover it up.

America needs to support Trump in his efforts, if he really wants to drain The Swamp

If Trump really wants and intends to drain The Swamp, then he will need most Americans to support his efforts in this
Once the American mothers find out how massive this Pedophile problem is within the USG and that the CMMM has been covering it up along with the FBI for many years, they will create a massive unending populist sh*t-storm against the SPC, the FBI and the CMMM.

Det. James Rothstein (Ret.), NYCPD Gold Shield, Police Intel, NY Crime Commission Special Squad (now retired). America’s No. 1 expert in sex trafficking, organized pedophile human compromise ops and illegal narcotics trafficking. Responsible for the prosecution and conviction of more high level human compromise criminals than any other LE person in America. Det. Rothstein is a totally stand up man who can be trusted and has a distinguished record that is unmatched.
Det. James Rothstein, NYCPD Gold Shield, Police Intel, NY Crime Commission Special Squad (now retired). America’s No. 1 expert in sex trafficking, organized pedophile human compromise ops and illegal narcotics trafficking. Responsible for the prosecution and conviction of more high level human compromise criminals than any other LE person in America. Det. Rothstein is a totally stand up man who can be trusted and has a distinguished record that is unmatched.
Note that the FBI makes token arrests of the small independent Pedophile Networks that arise from the websites that they themselves set up as entrapment stings to fool the public and keep their cover-up in place.

Trump can take care of these soulless scumbags by bringing massive anti-trust to break up these six CMMM and by prosecuting them for serving as a front for the foreign espionage of the COL/RKM private central Fiat Banksters.

It is these COL/RKM Banksters who are using the FRS trying to completely asset strip the America worker and taxpayer, to start and then destroy America the Republic and Balkanize it into ten separate Globalist/NWO territories.
Actually this War on Pedophilia would be a great means for Trump to mobilize the American mothers who are the SPN’s greatest potential enemy.
This fact has been stated numerous times publicly by the foremost expert of Pedophilia and sex trafficking Detective James Rothstein (NYCPD Gold Shield, Police Intel, NY Crime Commission Special Squad).

Detective Rothstein has claimed that the only effective mass weapon that can be deployed against the Pedophile Network to stop it cold is a change in the laws covering investigation, by providing protection for Police and LE that investigate and prosecute these unimaginably evil crimes.
Effective action must include massive publication of this Pedophile Network by the Alternative Media on the Internet to the point it awakens and angers the mothers of America in mass and drives these facts into the mainstream news.

Detective Rothstein has claimed that as high as 70% of high USG officials have been compromised by Pedophilia. Two separate investigations of Congress about 25 years ago (one from an FBI deep cover informant, the other by LE Intel) showed that 39% and 42% of male members of the US Congress were so compromised.



baby in sack1Nothing makes American mothers more enraged than pedophile crimes against young defenseless children by high politicians that abuse their power and trust given them by the voters.

Some of these crimes at the highest levels of the SPN include torture, murder, vivisection, cannibalism after the sexual abuse and rape. When the American women become informed of these high level crimes en masse, they will become enraged.

And nothing could ever be more powerful than American Women enraged en masse over these extreme crimes against defenseless children and infants, NOTHING.

Trump must activate this rage by publicizing this problem, setting up a clean special independent prosecutor and recommending special grand juries in every state to investigate and charge.
If promised protection, numerous seasoned LE and Intel will come forth and present rock solid evidence. Immunity agreements can be made with many folks at the periphery of the SPN who would have otherwise testified against it but for their fear of being immediately murdered.
The iron grip over DC of the COL/RKM’s Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) will be exposed and broken. Trump is the only one that has the power to do this and to mobilize massive emergent American Populism.

Once he has done this, he can fully attack the SPN, which will break the control that the COL/RKM Banksters exercise over America at every level.

If Trump refuses to go after the COL/RKM private Banksters and their espionage front the FRS; refuses to cancel the US National Debt after exposing it as a fraud; refuses to dump the FRS and bring all money creation and distribution into the US Treasury; stop charging interest to use what should have been our own real money in the first place; refuses to prosecute the RKM/COL/FRS kingpin-owners under RICO; refuses to break up the CMM and prosecute them under RICO; refuses to expose the massive existence of the Satanic Pedophile Network and to fully investigate and prosecute all top members to the fullest extent possible under RICO and murder; refuses to mobilize the American mothers in mass to support him and also fight against these soulless pedophile scum in high places; … then we must all assume that he was put in place by the head of the Zionist Globalists themselves by deployment of a very crafty, deep black covert operation.