Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Planetary Weirdness via Victoria1111

Received via email.....
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I have been checking out this website daily now for a couple of weeks:

There have been weird anomalies, as originally noted by youtube channel MRMB333.  Here is the link to the original video where I first stumbled upon this weirdness myself.

I checked the website again tonight - as I do daily (the site is updated every 30 minutes) and was dumbfounded. Please check out the link to my piece below.  This is what I pulled up tonight.  The entire planet - every single station - is highly active (or not reporting).  Something very unusual is up and I thought you may want to share this with your readers.  Nibiru's approach?  Pole shift?  Again, these are seismograph readings from government sponsored stations.  One of the stations is here in town where I live and we felt nothing just 30 minutes ago, when the reading was last updated.