Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Yosef's Final Update - "Busted" GCR/RV ​Final ​Update - December ​7, 2016

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GCR/RV ​Final ​Update
December ​7, 2016


" Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph."

-- Haile Selassie


Aloha CC,

Sadly, aloha means both hello and goodbye today.  ​Turns out Dinarland caught me​ red handed​.  ​This ​Yosef ​character I play is totally a fraud made up in ​some military intelligence office overseas -- ​100% ​busted!  Well played Dav​e ​and Carol ​Smith ​in Derby, Kansas!​  But I bet more than a few of you will miss me when I'm gone.​

​Now it is true, I don't care how you feel. ​ ​Because human​ity matters more to me when ​my species i​s ​​endangered in ​a ​galactic war​ for its own survival​--which you all are now and have been a part of whether you were aware ​of it ​or not.​  ​See there's a few alien race​s here​ on our planet​,​ ​now and have been for a dozen plus millennia, that are kill​ing​​ human beings--​even ​eat​ing some of ​us--​but enslav​ing us all without discrimination​ guaranteed​. 

There's your disclosure Commander​s​ Putin and Obama--both​ "benevolent walk-ins" ​btw ​here to rescue humanity.

​"​Fuck ​off, Yosef," ​you say?  ​ ​Oh no, Dave and Carol, fuck you.  Because these same malevolent "alien races" are controlling every aspect of your life and you don't even know it--nor do you care--which is your crime against humanity.

​So ​I'm not your friend​ or bestie guru​, lyrical savior​ or worst enemy either.  I'm just a​ sovereign ​soul posting ​my ​​rogue ​thoughts because higher intelligence demanded ​that ​I do so as they thought my life experience​s​ ​and vast knowledge ​of the obscure would be useful to the masses.​  Well so much for higher intelligence promoting productive inner dimensional ​mind ​activity​ for the purposes of accelerating human ascension​.​  Mankind is slowwwwwwwwwwwwwww to evolve as it turns out--behind schedule if you will.​

​For the last ten month​s, educating all of you on simple matters has been utter tort​rue on me, running ​what many now call a "psy-ops for the Chinese and Russian governments​."  Wells that's just fucking poetic justice, and why I describe my Dinarland educational experience to friends like teaching A.D.D. students​, who r​ode ​the short bus ​to school, but from the time they unbuckled their seat belts to my classroom, they forgot they​ were two grades behind​, yet ​sincerely ​​believed they were the smartest kids in school.​  Translated, ​Dinarland is collectively ​pathetic if not absolutely ​idiotic. 

Now a few of you have some redeeming value, a couple I would like to hang out with and talk shop post RV, but most to all have been lumped into a basket of deplorable​s that Draconian Wiccan High Priestess Witch Hillary ​Rodham ​Clinton​ spoke of​ in her campaign--​and did so intentionally to drive you away from voting for her--yet 65 million of you still did anyway!  ​With ​another ​62M vot​ing for ​her scummy cabal pal, career pedofile and sex​ual​ addict Donald Trump​--who relentlessly sports a transgender wife as your new first lady.   

Reality is so utterly ​bizarre it's horrifying to me sometimes.  Yet most to all of you are worried about paying for your Chirstmas shopping list.  How human beings ​can get ​this asleep a​nd not wake up ​and google any​thing of real substance​ is beyond me​? ​  The truthful information you claim to crave is all available to you on line, you just have to critically think and seek it out.  And therein lies the prisoner's dilemma.  Thinking for yourself… critically… instead of letting some internet personality do it for  you.  'Cause let me tell ya​ folks​, the cabal ​has been actively trying to share ​all of ​their ​dirty ​tactics and ​evil ​history​ies​ ​on network​ ​television--and you in great majority still remain completely asleep:

To​day, I would rather be watching paint dry then blogging yet another simple minded Dinarian SITREP to minds that can't remember basic wealth management tips made less than a week ago.  But I'm sure your new best friend Veritas will allow you to​ snuggle up to her comforting NSA boob, nipple up and fall back into ​a deep R.E.M. sleep mumbling ​terms like ​"rates​, ​dates​, structured payouts​, NDAs​, claw backs and ​MCA accounts…" ​  ​Too funny.  ​Why do you think she suddenly showed up on the scene?  Her health? 

​Well​ here's me punching back Dinarland.

​Want some ​​big news​ that's never going to be on the Big Call​: ​Only a select few are getting Sovereign Rates because the Chinese have deemed Americans too ignorant, arrogant and stupid from monitoring these sites, blogs and conference calls to trust you with that kind of cash.  ​It's true.  How do you like them apples?  Probably a relief for most of you​, as American's couldn't handle the disbursal responsibilities anyway--a correct assumption I might add. ​

The​ Elders felt the vast majority ​of you should take the $0.13 USN rate ​the Bush psy-ops ​of ​TNT ​(​Tony/DC/RayRen​)​ pre​ached because intellectually you all lack the necessary frontal lobe brain capacity to be considered a functioning professional in a global ​humanitarian ​environment.  Meaning, America is lucky just to be allowed to survive​ without overt public military occupation,​ let alone redeem currency and help rebuild their own country and planet from extinction for future generations. 

​Turns out, ​Americans are ​either just that dump or that asleep,​ or both, and certainly ​well to ​terrified ​t​o fight ​against evil, ​and ​wholeheartedly ​cowardice when faced with the truth of their own enslavement.  ​It's true… ​Dinarians would rather die in their knees begging for mercy than fight to the death on their feet defending anything of critical importance.  ​Therefore you have all been lumped together as a peasant ​class of ​human​ity​ unworthy of sovereign ​value ​oxygen.

I wonder what the WW2 boys ​who jumped out of those Higgins boats ​and onto the ​bullet ridden ​Normandy ​beaches would say about Dinarians who bicker and in-fight because it's a protected digital safe environment.​  Or what of those young solders who were sleeping Sunday morning on December 7, 1941 when Pearl Harbor was awoken to Japanese bombs blowing up their airplanes and battleships--and they still ran to their posts knowing death would be there to meet them. ​

Your displays of pettiness and blatant entitlement are legendary in intelligence agency circles​ folks​.​  Did you know they laugh at Dinarland's myopic ​understanding of history, as well as your fierce protect​monism defending cabal lies​, ​thus continuing the ​de-evil​union of the human race  away from any meaningful responsibility ​let alone restoring the dignity of God's sovereign intent. 

Pay my rent.  Read my quote.  Watch my video.  Everything will work out.  I'm helpless to doing anything of significance because I need money.  Oh, children.  If you don't radically change your thinking,  you're gonna perish… with or without this money.  God is very objective when it comes to natural selection.

Sure, go ahead​,beat up ​on ​old Yosef--​the mythical​ benevolent​ ZIM blogger​ who always told it like it was whether we liked him or not​.  ​Hey, you painted me as the hero and the villain, as a paid military intelligence operative doing ​a ​psy-ops, and as a saint floating down on a cloud…. when in reality, I was one man sharing what he knew before you were asked to do something magnificent and historic. 

Know you stuck the spear in my side and killed the only bold truth teller in all of Dinarland.

Honestly, I'm sorry I ever told any​thing real about ​Sovereign Rates or anything of substance​ for that matter​--​as ​you​ have all wasted my time​ by throw​ing away ​the​ most valuable opportunity to surrender to God​ on a daily basis​​.  Instead, you chose to ston​e the ​one ​messenger who ​truly ​cared enough to speak truth to ​power in your defense, as well as offer a pathway out of darkness and free you form your fantas​ies.  Hey, isn't that what the Jews and Romans did as Esu as ​He lovingly ​sacrificed His life for yours by ​march​ing up to Cavalry Hill with that ​sharp throned crown and burdensome ​heavy cross ​upon His ​bloody whipped ​back?  At least I'm in good company.  ​Sobeit.​

Christ will judge ​us all in the end, but remember me when those in your family, community, country and continent stone you and your selfless generosity.  And consider the ​"​​Yosef ​psy-ops​"​ officially over as ​I have turned ​over my last temple table​ with this post. 

​God is love. 
God is with us.
​God is all.​

(*PS… ​A ​public​ announcement of revalued rates and the re-instituted gold standard will be made after all the geopolitical check-listed items have been crossed off, only then will public redemptions​ be allowed to begin​,​ ​and ​​only after President ​Obama has left office.  ​So stop obsessing over content on websites like this one for bank redemption appointment 800#s… they're not coming like you're thinking.  And never will.  Have a merry ​winter ​solstice​ everyone​!​  It's been a hoot.​)