Friday, January 13, 2017

SITREP (Intel Update) - Friday - January 13, 2017 - 00:00 EDT

The following intel report was received via email for publication.....

There's no stopping the global release mechanism now that the political fuse has been lit starting g the RV.

Not even Israel (Netanyahu) bombing a Syrian air base five kilometers from Assad's bed at the stroke of midnight during a full moon can stop what's coming.

Netanyahu is using the Trump / American public to leverage a better East Jerusalem negotiations with Palestine and the world community before the 70 country meeting in Paris over the weekend.

Both Trump and Netanyahu will go down in political flames shortly and together as they represent the same Zionistic entity clinging to power.

Notice too how the bad media coverage continues to ratchet up against both men just a week before the US Inauguration Day.  Even CNN is now working for the light.

Without a new pro-Netanyahu US President, the US Congress won't support Netanyahu anymore and he'll loose political collation support in the Knesset.

An RV practice run went off well last week Friday (Dow at 19.999.69) as they stress tested all the release protocols for what we believe to be an anytime this week release after markets close on Friday.

Monday is the MLK banking holiday which creates a 48 hour no bank - no market -window to process hyper and moderately aware private exchangers.

Watch the Dow hover below 20,000 until the RV is released -- this is to create a mathematical starting line for all the aggressive high speed traders.

We believe Trump might also be waiting to step down until after the RV goes which will guarantee personal currency gains.

The fake news Trump "golden shower" video is real and filmed in 2013, he was shown a copy as was the Senate last night and House of Representatives will be tomorrow.

Also Trump's special Russian relationship includes an Israeli bank in Moscow that Trump, Inc has special servers connected to since 2014.  Russia and China played Trump just for this moment.

The FBI, CIA and NSA have all warned  Trump not to take the Presidential oath because it creates an impeachment situation and potentially a criminal trial for treason.

All counsel has advised him to step away from the Presidency as not to potentially harm the country.

Looks like the intelligence community refuses to accept America's electoral vote result and still have the ability to force a Trump resignation even at this late stage.

Notice also how the Trump scandal broke at exactly the same pre-event time as when the FBI reopened the Clinton email investigation before the general election...  same exact playbook, different scandal.

A top Chinese Elder was in Reno to release the RV.  He left.  Other elders are still in Reno and D.C. to monitor progress.

TRNs & USNs are now live on Forex back screens and using the new IEX block chain platform.

The RV is scheduled to release anytime before January 15th.

TRNs & USNs are expected to be traded on FOREX by Tuesday morning of next week.  With no public trading will occur prior. Privately they've been traded for months.

Multiple Central and Tier 1,2 banks are reporting to staff "expect a reset next week."

Sovereign rates still apply for humanitarian and job creation projects.

Key Intel providers will be receiving early notification and their silence both well compensated and contractually obligated (NDA).

SKRs for large volume currency purchases on going at this hour have an end of the business week fulfillment guarantee.