Sunday, February 19, 2017

Mr. Ed Intel Update - February 2017

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INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Where we are now" 2/17/17

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Date: Friday, 17-Feb-2017 23:16:20     

  INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "Where we are now" 2/17/17

        Trump is the first president with real business acumen and knowledge of how to correctly run America in 100 years.

        The act of printing phony paper money with no real wealth backing it and giving it to non productive segments of society is going to be curtailed.

        All of the socialist bad guys and peoples with their hands out have run the old United States of America Inc into the gutter.

        This is the third time that the Rothschild bankers have done this to this nation only this trip they were expecting to take over the country and exterminate up to 90% of Americans via the 800 FEMA Camp System and Islamic mercenaries beginning in the big cities.

        Trump's job is to take down this cabal of traitors who were promised big money if they helped accomplish this.

        This whole plan was discovered in 1964 and has taken till now to identify and correct.

        This is who they found runs this "Deep State" Operation....Negative Draco Reptilians...Black Nobility...Vatican...Jesuits...British Monarchy...Khazarian Mafia...Bush Nazis...CIA faction #2 & #3...FBI corrupted segment.

        In fact the entire system of agencies...Judicial administrators (Judges)...BAR agents and faked courts are part of the facade which have violated mankind's "Unalienable" rights endowed by the creator to humanity.

        The religions of the world have tried for hundreds of years to hide the real answers as to who and what we really are, to support their control over and pillage for the sake of wealth and power as they themselves practice horrific acts on other members of the planets inhabitants.

        Here is a more correct definition of who and what we are..."The human / hybrid is a very successful two strand creature that was put together thousands of years ago as an experiment by 24 different alien creatures."

        The truth is that the Annunaki came here thousands of years ago to mine gold and didn't want to get their hands dirty so they created an experimental being (with help of their friends) and called it "Humans".