Sunday, February 19, 2017

My Amazing Trip To Argentina - AscensionWithEarth Blog To Be Active Shortly

February 19, 2017

It's great to be back!   Had a wonderful time exploring Argentina. Such a beautiful country, great food, and wonderful people. 

First few days was spent in Buenos Aires exploring the city and eating great food.  Found out on the city tour that the Dark Nobility families have made their mark in the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.  Just like the Vatican, London, Washington, D.C., France, Turkey, Egypt, you can add Buenos Aires as a place where the Illuminati families have marked their claim.  So what do these cities have in common? A monument known as the Obelisk, here is a picture taken of the Obelisk that I came upon in the city tour.

Further research shows that hundreds of these Obelisk monuments have been commissioned to be built over the last few hundred years all over the world.  A comprehensive list of Obelisk monuments with pictures can be seen at this Obelisk Wikipedia page.

After a couple days in Buenos Aires, we headed to Iguazu National Park.  This was my favorite destination in Argentina.  Imagine a setting in the movie Avatar or Lord of the Rings movies, and that does not even come close to what Mother Earth has created at Iguazu.  We spent the whole day trekking through the pathways around the park watching the most magnificent display of waterfalls on Earth.  Absolutely breathtaking!  Here are some pictures that hopefully show how amazing this place actually is.  I highly recommend a visit to this place as a bucket list item.   I was surprised I had never heard of the Iguazu Waterfalls until we started planning our vacation a few months ago.  Here is some additional information of the Iguazu Waterfalls.

Our next stop in our Argentina adventure was to small town called El Calafate.  Known for its incredible glaciers and mountain trekking excursions.  We were actually only a few hundred miles away from Antarctica and had some day dreaming of going on my own expedition to uncover the ancient civilizations lurking beneath the ice. LOL!  Maybe next time!   We got to trek and explore a famous glacier called the Perito Moreno Glacier. Drank water directly from the glacier and ended our tour with 8 year old whiskey and 350 year old glacier ice cubes.  It was fun and exciting to experience such an amazing landscape surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes, and glaciers.

Argentina was amazing and there was so much more we wanted to do and explore in this amazing country.  We hope to go back sometime in the future. Thank you Argentina!

Arrived in South Florida, United States, this weekend and was welcomed to a massive chemtrail operation taking place across the skies.  How sad!  Literally saw over a dozen chemtrails over south Florida the day I arrived home.   Apparently the dark cabal is in still control of our airways and has the continued funding to keep these operations active.  I have had a source tell me on a private call that chemtrails are being used to block out the Sun as well as an attempt to block out the second sun, which others are calling Nibiru or Planet X.

Not sure how much I missed in alternative news as I have not read much since I was out in nature most of the time.  Very refreshing to step away from the daily dramas unfolding around the world in both the alternative media and main stream publications.  I highly recommend others who are tired/frustrated/depressed of the rumors and daily news to step away from the internet and reconnect with nature, even if it is for one whole day with out your phone, computer, TV.

I will continue posting when I get a moment these coming days.  Trying to settle in and catch back up on news, work, and life within the 3D matrix.

Good to be back!