Sunday, February 5, 2017

"Reborn" - Geopolitical/GCR/RV Overview - 16:00 EDT - Sunday - February 5, 2017

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​"The pacifist is as surely a traitor to his country and to humanity as is the most brutal wrongdoer."

- Theodore Roosevelt



​Change we can believe in ​finally ​came last night (midnight Saturday) as the Chinese Elders in​ Reno/​DC/Virginia/​NYC/Dallas/Atlanta ​when ​all final ​authorization codes for ​the ​Republic's ​gold backed USN currency​. 

All banks and accounts worldwide were made accessible, and will be liquid Monday morning 9am EDT.

Quite a moment in history​ in terms of the new earth being reborn​.  Did anyone ​n​otice?  Cheer?  No​t many.  Like a prayer​ answered​ in the dark night​, it came and went with deafening silence and eternal consequences.  All glory to God. 

The Chinese way is​ one of​ subtly and honor--something us American philanthropists we can learn from--gifting abundant​ly without any ​need for r​ecognition.​  How many will follow that mantra?  Not many… but hopefully a few.​

The global ​GCR/RV ​transition​ is now underway in earnest, which freely allows General Dunford to domestically ​begin in his transactional operation across North America​,​ via​ the activation of​ call centers and exchange centers at off site ​and on site ​locations ​plus local military bases (ZIM​ only​).

As soon as Fighting Joe activates ​the call centers to accept those pre-disbursed 800#s, meaning operators will actually ​be able to take and receive call​s​​, and their computers will actually be able to book ​mass ​appointments, the ​private T4 ​redemption game is officially on. 

That moment can come any moment​ now​, ​and we believe it's ​loosely ​tied into Super Bowl kickoff (6:30pm EDT), including when and why the Paris Agreement was ratified on October 5, 2016 or 120 days implementation + 3 days for reconciliation​ in legal conjunction with the first banking Monday after ​the ​implementation ​phase completes … ​or February ​6, 2017​.

Also​,​ as soon as Fighting Joe does ​said benevolent act, all exchange centers ​and security forces ​will ​long have been ready to start accepting a continuous flow of redemption appointments 24/7/365 until he alone deems that the 800# call volume was reduced to a point where he can safely start shutting redemption centers down​. 

We understand all RV staff in all disciplines are working at this hour and in place, fully trained and prepared for several weeks worth of hard labor should the need arise.  Many are sleeping on military bases around the country, estranged from their families.

We know the vast majority of ZIM ​redemptions are expected to take less than 24 hours given the ​obscene ​volume of profit​--they anticipate the RV word to spread like lighting​. 

The entire private redemption period is expected to complete within 6 full days​ before public rates and announces are seen and heard.  Upwards of 3 million private redemptions are expected to be processed during the week, with as many as 5 million potentially making appointments.

Z​IM currency holders will​ have first priority for making appointments and most likely (can't confirm​t this​, but strongly believe) ​synced ​sometime ​around the start of the Super Bowl, which ​not so ironically is also the start of the banking day in New Zealand​ @ ​4:00pm EDT​ (Monday).​

HSBC​/Republic military​ will ​have exclusive redeeming ​responsibilities for the ZIM​,​ and why so many sudden last second ZIM groups began popping up​ this past week, as all ​US retail banks were shut out of ZIM redemptions at the ​second courtesy of Chinese. 

This ​decision ​will make HSBC - North America the largest bank in the ​restored Republic by far​, and they will assume all defaulted Bank of America branches exclusively​. 

​Sadly, we discovered a few months back that Wells Fargo Bank ​as committing treasonous acts in conjunction ​with Bank of Jerusalem​.  Together, they  were running illegal loan operation​s with all those ​massive ​fall  tranches to help ​fund ​ISIS fighters in Syria when their ​illegal ​oil​ sales​ money was drying up, and Russia was destroying Mossad ​central ​command​ block by block in Aleppo.

So redeem at Wells Fargo / Abbot Downing if you ​desire, just know their ​intentional ​thievery was a big reason why this event took so damn long to roll out to the public--and ​why ​personally​ I will have nothing to do with Wells Fargo as I cannot and will not ever support treason​ against my country​. 

​The Syria/Iraq/Turkey/ISIS/Daaesh/CIA/Pentagon/Germany/France connection was all coordinated out of Israel in an effort to expand Israeli territory in the region as well as start WW3 between the Christians and Muslims, using the threat to Israel as bait.  Zionism at its worst.

This means the Nation of Israel is​ no friend ​to ​any nation or humanity​, and why Palestine is regaining its statehood and there's nothing the Zionists can do about it​.  And why all remaining cabal safe havens Ukraine, Germany, France, Israel and the US will by GESARA compliance mandates dispose of their leaders will fall together post RV.  That includes Trump… as he is a vile representation of the OPTB Zionist evil control mechanism that by international law must now be sacrificed in a show of public surrender as no more will they be allowed to repress humanity. 

Think of this mass but subtle transition of power as a public flogging less the blood and guts, but with the same result.  They all will go, in every nation and within every government.   Many have already abandoned the past for the future.

​Sorry Trump fans, he was a pure bred Zionist who was long groomed to be president, but the NPTB arranged such control over world affairs, they actually kept him in place as a candidate, made him run for President, even win and go through the entire transition process of being president, only to control his every action, word, movement and executive order signature and clear the pathway way for the Chinese's true choice for the next 8 years… Speaker Paul Ryan (who btw is a former Navy Seal commander (his record was wiped away) and was re-introduced under the name Paul Ryan as a political operative with deep conservative principles pre 9/11, also to be elected President one day). 

I know this is very hard for most to believe.  So I offer this suggestion: Think about the ​old ​Tom Clancy novel​s and his lead  character Jack Ryan as Paul Ryan​; then you'll start to get the picture and why I have been so heavily pointing the Internet his way despite Trump's ​outwardly strong and irrefutable ​political ascension.   ​I never know how they would make the switch, only one day they would as was trying to prepare everyone.​

Also, because Chinese Elder authorization came at midnight last night, this is why SNL took ​that​ parting shot at Zimbabwe ​at 11:35pm in their cold opening--which was completely out of place--as the​ir​ ZIM ​currency being re-instated as a global international currency, like the USN, effectively kill​s ​any and all financial advantage​s ​entrenched cabal ​families had built up over centuries in the blink of an eye.

4:45min mark

This is also precisely why the Chinese instructed the Mugabe run Zimbabwe government to way over print ZIM in 2008-2009, as they knew one day they would use it to destroy the cabal in North America and Europe, and why they printed the ZIM currency on bond paper, as it would have to honored like a sovereign historic debt instrument versus just a simple defaulted currency revaluation.

Enjoy your Superbowl party as the new earth is known as being hatched.  I guess suggesting that "the chips will fall where they may" carries a very deep double meaning on this potentially sacred sports evening. 

Tonight, may the meek permanently rise, and once mighty fall eternally.  ​Sobeit.

God is with us.