Monday, February 6, 2017

Vacation Time! Argentina Here We Come!

Hi Everyone,

I am on vacation with family from February 5th - February 18th.  We are touring Argentina with multiple city stops along the way.  El Calafate, Buenos Aires, Iguazu are some of the big city stops.

The blog will be quite until I return, unless I have computer access and internet connection.  If I can post, I will, but most likely will not be able to.

See everyone on my return.

My best, much love!


P.S. If any big news should take place, you can check out some of my favorite blogs that aggregate intel reports and important news articles.  They will keep you informed while I am away on vacation.  There are hundreds of other sites I visit frequently, so if I missed your site, please accept my apologies.,%20Brazil%20Side.jpg