Monday, March 6, 2017

A New Study Rewrites The History of Mars - "Mars far more likely to have had life than we thought"

Yet, another soft disclosure article in main stream media to seed humanities mind about life on other planets, in particular mars.


Mars far more likely to have had life than we thought, researchers find after new water discovery 


The study rewrites the history of the Red Planet’s surface


Scientists have found that Mars was likely far wetter – and capable of supporting life – than we previously thought.

A new study, which simulated Martian meteorites to understand more about its ancient environment, suggests that our history of the planet's surface might be entirely wrong.

Until now, a specific mineral found in Martian meteorites was used as proof that the planet had an ancient, dry environment. But in fact it might have contained hydrogen, which may see the history of the Red Planet rewritten into one far more covered with water.

Water is thought to be one of the central building blocks and requirements of life, and any discovery of water vastly improves the chances that the planet was inhabited.

The study also found that the important material could help create phosphorous – another essential element for life on Earth, and perhaps on Mars.

Everywhere on Earth, wherever water is found then life is also found. And phosphorous is necessary for that life to come about.

In the study, scientists created a synthetic version of the mineral known as whitlockite. They then conducted shock-compression experiments on samples of the material, simulating the conditions of being thrown on a meteorite from Mars.

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