Monday, March 6, 2017

Simon Parkes Update (With Notes) - March 5, 2017

2017-03-05 Connecting Consciousness with Simon Parkes

 The following notes provided by zzander......

Due to the connection between Trump & Putin, Lockheed Martin have the contract to remove technology from Antartica. The spaceship crash landed there, because of the hi-tech already present. The spaceship’s power source was used to help build a city around that ship.

Gold has been found in California. The name Orville Dam connected to the name of Solomon’s main seaport.

Silver has dropped more than 5% very quickly.

There has been a nuclear powered submarine accident off the coast of Sweden – hence the radiation spikes. But according to Simon it is iodine based & not lethal.

The Teamsters fund in the USA is on the point of collapsing.

Gert Wilders looks like he will win, meaning IF he can form a government, he will seek to leave the EU. Le Pen in France likewise.

Simon was badly attacked before a meeting, the contents of which he cannot disclose yet, & when the meeting was over he immediately became well. Simon + partner want to crowd source fund a project to provide an app. that will help small businesses to survive during a collapse, hence why he was attacked.

Wikileaks are controlled by a good faction in the NSA & CIA who consider Hillary Clinton the anti-christ.

Draco are royal tall white reptilians. The first Adamu were black, for gold mining in South Africa then Anu wanted white, more advanced Adamu to look after the gardens from where they were later expelled (Eden) – & this is the origin of racism.

The Anunnaki are hybrids from the Orion empire Reptilians & hominids from the Sirius confederation who came here around 6000 years ago – think Anu, Enki & Enlil.

When numbers on the surface exceeded that which could be reliably controlled, the Reptilians went underground to continue their control covertly. The Anunnaki set themselves up on the surface & there was a power struggle. The Anunnaki control the banks & politics but found it hard to subvert the military. The deal was that the Reptilians would oversee it all from behind the scenes, underground. Simon implies the Anunnaki are fundamentally untrustworthy.

Simon says Max Spiers was murdered by US Army chaplain, satanic psy-op officer Michael Aquino.
The US wanted lithium in Afghanistan for small power cells far in excess of what they were capable of earlier. (Caleb was right!)

Simon answers the question of abduction of children for slavery or experimentation or sacrifice; it is no longer possible to get honest figures from governments. The film, ‘Iron Sky’ was originally banned in the UK – too close to the truth. (Nazi base on the back of the Moon)

There are 4th dimensionally based reptilian demonic creatures that can possess people; this is your ‘deal with the devil’ – not your standard royal Reptilian.