Thursday, April 20, 2017

"C-Section" - GCR/RV SITREP - Thursday - April 20, 2017

The restored Republic military has taken full control of all the nearly 7,000 off-site redemption facilities out of sheer performance necessity.

Safe exchanges are now being ensured via military guard and done so immediately.

Federal Marshals are also now on site with STK instructions for anyone blocking the nation's progress.

Wells Fargo is nothing but an observer now in their own facilities due to complete and utter leadership failure.

If you had notions about avoiding WF for past indiscretions, this last delay stunt should clinch your opinion.

Wells Fargo = Cabal.  Anyone saying otherwise is a cabal agent and grossly ignorant as to how the new financial system must work in order to flow mercy.

That's not to say all WF staff is complicit with blocking the RV release, but certainty many in top leadership roles and certainly individual managers running key urban redemption centers have acted against America's best interests.

RV liars are traitors plain and simple, and will be eliminated on site without any questions asked.   Delay and pay.  Lie and die.  Sobeit.

And we have this updated operational fact confirmed from Fighting Joe himself.  Please know his staff is listening to all of our calls and reading these posts on line.  They know exactly who is helping or hurting the Republic.

So watch your tongues Dinarland--as the exchange situation has deteriorated quickly and communications have gotten very sensitive, very quickly.

The positive news is that the Republic military is now fully engaged and needs this RV to ensure the safety of the country by guaranteeing federal funding via new USNs before next week's budget deadline.

Where's Paul Ryan? Where Mike Pence?  Not in country?  Why?  GESARA.

Know that French terrorist attack this afternoon is a complete and utter lie, a false flag event meant to create sympathy around the pro-cabal candidate before the Sunday presidential election.

Why?  Because if the leading cabal candidate doesn't win this election, the European Union and Euro will end overnight when France "Frexits."

So there's a lot happening in the world at this hour--and the change we seek is being forced into existence in real time.

We're also told our pr Fukushima 800#s are to arrive sometime on Thursday--anytime--and possibly into early Friday.  With the weekend being the true back wall for the above stated reasons.

There's tremendous pressure now being applied from both above and below the release, as HSBC hydrated all remaining T4 level paymasters last night.

Meaning, all the funding horses are in the starting gate and ready to run.

There's absolutely no liquidity issues remaining.

There's no system or technical issues remaining.

There's no patience remaining with Wells Fargo co-championing the redemption centers.

There's no restrictions remaining on our Republic's military to force the RV release.

On-screen rates are sky rocketing, especially the IQD, as the Elders chose to accelerate the largest currency group in order to ascend humanity more rapidly.

So why does the cabal does create these temporary delays?  To decelerate the financial transition.  Yet they're actually accelerating their own demise as it relates to the larger societal transition because Dianrians will have as much as $7.5 million USN per each $25,000 IQD note.

So the RV is being born, its beautiful but bloody, and this baby will be delivered finally via a military C-Section with Generals Dunford and Mattis serving as our OB team.

God is with us.