Thursday, April 20, 2017

"Whack A Mole" - Geopolitical Update - Thursday - April 20, 2017

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week all saw different fires being put out with regards to the global power transition occurring here in the United States.

Deep state agents of chaos surfaced again in a variety of offices and industries to reveal their true allegiances. But this was anticipated and thus handled quickly.

Wells Fargo was the latest rogue bank. Yet again. Claiming "systems irregularities" just minutes before RV release yesterday morning, Wednesday. Upon system review none were revealed. Oops. My bad.

Advice: Do not reward Wells Fargo by redeeming there. The WF decision makers still cannot be trusted. We hope they lose their license and brand name. But it's doubtful. To big to shame comes to mind.

However, these delays only strengthen the Republic's resolve as redemption currency rates continue to rise and many silent double agents expose themselves at the final hour and then simply eliminated in a "Whack A Mole" style death to what has become a precocious ending to the RV saga.

Russia and China still control the Republic financially for until their new USN's are released globally, leaders are being forced into declaring martial law just to into fund the 2017 federal budget which comes up for a Congressional vote on April 28.

Looks like its no money--no honey--for the Pentagon as well as the rest of he government.

Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are even under soft house arrest at this hour overseas until the RV happens inside the US--not allowed to return. Making their sudden tough rhetoric on Russia and Asia laughable in sovereign circles.

Seems the US has been reduced to what it really is... an all-consuming, non producing nation with an over blown global military budget less the natural resources to finance their war mongering ways let alone their own bills on the new asset backed Chinese financial system.

People forget the USA, Inc. collapsed back in 2012, as did the USD. And Chinese Sovereign Families absorbed 100% of USA, Inc. debt in exchange for complete control of the restored Republic per an international court ruling.

Granted it's taken four years to work through said bankruptcy, but make no mistake, as the Republic of the United States re-emerges from its bankruptcy back into a good standing sovereign nation, they will still be controlled long-term by the very structure of this new asset based financial system... and consequently by China, with Russian military support.

He who has the gold makes the golden rules. And the world knows it. That's why nobody is flinching anymore when the US rattles its mighty sabers.

What a sad reality for Americans who are sound asleep to world affairs, they are oblivious to the moves already been made on the bigger geopolitical chess board.

To them nothing has changed, when in truth, nothing will ever be same. The contrast of their opinion versus actual reality is so striking to the informed observer, as it leaves one as speechless like watching a North Korean military parade.

Harsh but true, American adults have been reduced to the role of toddlers placed in front of the HDTV meant to occupy their attention while the sovereign parents conduct important business.

The days of US intervention and power plays in foreign affairs are well over. And the screams you're hearing from Washington are that of the amnestied cabal politicians in cahoots with the collapsing military industrial complex... less any ability to start, finance or win a war.

Their raging mad about being made irrelevant and seeking any negotiating leverage, so much so, they are willing to sacrifice anyone left in their stable of cabal stooges here at the bitter end.

Scorpions keep stinging, as it is in their nature. Yet with no more venom left in their barbs and no ability to produce more financially, the cabal is literally being destroyed one-by-one now whenever and wherever they appear--without the fear of repercussion.

To force the banks into RV performance, the national guard has been called up and deployed by the Republic. Many will see them on guard at their redemptions this weekend.

A new digital Emergency Broadcast System was also tested in major cities on Wednesday, and readied for a moments activation should public warnings be deemed necessary.

This includes an in-country announcement of the restored Republic and temporary military take-over of the government... and yes a Trump impeachment. I know, breaks my heart too. Spray tan orange is my favorite color also.

Reports are now that the General Dunford will keep trying to push the RV through the banks all week to avoid a public display of forced transition, but come the weekend, after markets close, Friday, anything and I mean anything could happen.

So much for flash bang distractions, it's gotten to that desperate a roll out stage for the Republic and it's military leadership.

But if Fighting Joe wants peace, he must prepare his beloved country for war.

God is with us.