Monday, May 29, 2017

"Inches" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Monday - May 29, 2017

Consider the below reports unconfirmed, yet from credible sources who have been accurate in the past:

There have been two attempts on President Trump's life since leaving Europe.

Both while on AF1.

One was an electronic magnetic pulse (EMP) released from the bowels of Heathrow Airport in order to down the President's aircraft at take off.

Didn't work.

The second was a back up Secrete Service walkie/talkie case loaded with plastic explosives with a detonation cell phone.

That obviously didn't worked for reasons still unknown.

It's been discussed in the past that Trump's personal bodyguard is also his Mossad handler, who would have had access to the Secret Service area of the plane.

What's interesting is he too would have been destroyed with a midair AF1 explosion. That shows us how committed these cabal cats are to stopping the RV.

Trump has always been considered a high value target for assassination--but given the timing of the RV--things are getting more and more dangerous for all protecting him.

Our prayers are with them.

To be perfectly clear, IAM not advocating harming the President in any way, shape or form, just reporting on things discussed in private conversations for the educational benefit of this humanitarian community.

That said, there was also a weird red strobe light blinking from of the President's private quarters late Sunday night.

We believe they were security alert warnings set off to wake the President in case of intrusion, and give visual aid to Secret Service agents escorting him out of the room, not some rave party lights as carelessly reported.

We understand Trump's elimination is bountied by the actual governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine--done to stop the RV which we are told will happen while he's still in office--as the RV we believe is Trump's end date of service playing the Chinese/Russian patsy burner president.

The cabal can't coordinate a single, big catastrophic event anymore, so they're going with a lot of little sexy media friendly explosions, scattered globally on soft targets, to make the whole "ISIS organized terror boogieman threat" still appear relevant--when it truth its no where near what it once was and can't mount a serious threat to any country or government anymore.

Again, the entire world knows the old emperor is naked. Surrender is the best play now--we pray they accept this truth soon.

HSBC has full control of the redemption centers, staff and process since last fall, when Wells Fargo failed miserably and morally in this leading bank roll out role dating back to early 2015.

Military bases are still in play for ZIM redemptions, and might include increased civilian traffic flow after the events of this week.

There are 25,000 exchange in-take points now for foreign currency in the world--that number includes brick and mortar banks and wealth management offices.

The blinking screen rates of last week was to induce the cabal into revealing another attack--it worked. There have been several this past week and many this weekend alone.

Most will not make the mass media as they are under struck orders to keep any false flag terror related violence down to a dull roar or risk losing their broadcast licenses.

Understand one simple thing, safety is the most important aspect of the RV--not rates, dates and zeros.

The entire world wants us to have this money and spend it like crazy--but there are still a few rogue agents of evil following through on their sworn allegiance orders to disrupt and halt said event.

But just like Iraq's Old City of Mosul which is now considered 99.8% liberated, with only a few neighborhoods left to militarily free, we too are being held hostage in a few situations and our Republic military must clean up these messes before we can be freed ourselves.

Hey, at least we're right up on the threshold of freedom. So release performance is both immanent and absolute. That is a miracle in of itself.

Again, however you want to look at this unprecedented event is completely up to you, but I choose to look at our 99.8% blessing versus our 0.02% burden any day of the week.

Yes, we're moving forward by inches and not yards, but my grandmother always said "Inch by inch it's a sinch!"

Sp it's wise we trust Original Grandmother (Quan Yin) on this one.

Have a great Memorial Day!

God is with us.