Monday, May 29, 2017

OWON Blog Update - Our Future Is Not Yet Written - May 28, 2017

One World of Nations
Turning the Tide Series

Our Future is not yet written, but Cabal Forces will try.

An ugly Global Predatory Force of State and False Churches left unchecked will subjugate all of humanity to a Drone Life of terminal mind enslaved misery. Agenda 21 would be but the beginning!
The democratically elected US President, the choice of the Real People, is already under selective and focused attacks by the low, devious likes of Soros, Clinton, the unelected Con Man Criminal Usurping Obama (Barry Soetoro), Deep State Cabal protege, and so many other malignant Washington and Criminal Global power forces. Now they dare presume to escalate a possible impeachment move? Advocated ever more by the ensconced criminal, treacherous Washington circus dwarf, McCain.

Yet no one tried to rid America of the Kenyan / Indonesian illegal Usurping Rat although all knew? But he was Complicit. How much is Trump?

These are malignant forces ranging from the corrosive Zionist predators in Israel, to the assembled Kazakh families of Europe. Also the unelected, so out of control, presumptive CIA and Homeland Security and the oh so very criminal Washington Jewish Cadres.

This people’s choice President IS Democracy. Humanity, public or community values, means nothing to such parasitical entities. Power at all costs, Agenda 21, is their mantra. Subjugation, domination and extermination. Life, yours(!), means nothing the them. You are each disposable assets. Their Deep State (Unelected!!) has one agenda – Sequestrate! Exterminate. Deep State is as ugly as the name purveys. Dismantle it, before it – You!

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