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One Who Knows & enerchi Update - July 10, 2017

Hi everyone, the following was received from One Who Knows.  I felt inspired to also present my viewpoint which I added in the color blue below each section. We both add our flavor.  Thank you for reading!



Money Is Good!

Think about this for a moment...  Money Is Good.  Why wouldn't it be?  With money, you can feed the hungry, cure the sick, house the homeless and repair the damage done to Mother Earth.  Money is "Never Ending Liquid Magic" because it flows from one person to another and never loses its power to help, feed, cure, house, and repair.  Let's look at this magical substance called Money, shall we?

AscensionWithEarth View: Money Is Good and Bad! I can understand OWK's view that money is good, when it is in the hands of those that represent the frequency of compassion and love.  Money to me is a 3D matrix concept designed as a tool to facilitate frequency exchange.  The frequency can be altered and be imprinted with an intent to do harm or do good.  Building a hospital for the sick with free healthcare forever carries benevolent frequencies, using money to buy weapons of destruction carries dark energies.  So yes Money is 'Good' and it is also 'Bad' within the duality paradigm of the 3D matrix.  Money starts as a neutral charge and is transformed based on the intent (positive/negative) tagged by the individuals who are involved in the transaction.

It Works On Everything

Money, has the ability to move mountains.  It can feed a single person or feed the World.  It can move people from one place to another, it can cause structures to be built to house the homeless, it can care for and cure the sick Humans, Animals and the Planet as well.  It can almost do anything that needs or wants to be done, for yourself personally, for work or pleasure, for Humanity, and for the World.  It truly is a magical substance that never runs out of "power."

AscensionWithEarth View: Money Does Not Work On Everything, Yet It Does!   Money only works when each party agrees that it holds value.   'Value' is subjective.  This is were the paradox comes into play.  Money cannot feed a single person, yet it does. Money cannot feed a single person, have you tried eating a dollar bill?    Within the 3D matrix you can pay money to a farmer for one of the fruits he/her has grown and feed people.   Money cannot heal a person, yet it does.  I can not wave a $100 dollar bill over my body to heal a broken bone, but I can pay a person with knowledge and wisdom of healing to bandage me up and provide healing services.  OWK is correct in saying that money can feed or heal when both parties agree to the value of money, I just wanted to add the correct context to the situation he is trying to convey.

Money Doesn't Run Out Of Magical Power

The interesting thing about Money, is it never runs out of its magical Power.  One person can give it to another to get food to feed the hungry.   But then that person who received that Money, can then use it to cure another person, who can then use that same money to build a home.  As it goes from one person to another, it never runs out of its power to do good, to help, to repair, to feed, to house, again and again and again.  But the Cabal knew about its Magical Properties and did their best to keep it from circulating.

AscensionWithEarth View:  Money doesn't run out of magical power, agreed!  Like I mentioned before money is a tool to transfer energy.    The old (pre-RV) 3D "Babylonian Money Magic" system was based off of debt which was perpetuated by the dark nobility, Zionist bankers, Vatican slave rulers, Jesuit, and E.T. overlords.  It was an unfair system of energy exchange, to say the least.  Vampiric in nature, siphoning off energy from those who created the value while the Vampire Slave Masters conned humanity into giving our energy away, only giving back just enough energy to keep us docile and content.  The new financial system is based off of infinite abundance/energy and is resetting the world to help shift humanity and earth back into balance.  As it has been reported by many gurus, the new system of energy exchange/money is backed by gold, silver, rare earth minerals. So lets follow the money/energy so to say. They decided that the Zimbabwe bond notes will carry the infinite wealth and abundance energy.  You can trace the energy signature from the ZIM bond back to the land of Africa, from there you trace the energy of abundance which is attached to all the in-ground natural resources and rare earth minerals.  These natural resources contain energy signatures that took billions of years to manifest on Mother Earth.  Mother Earth is the guardian/creator of this physical abundance.  You can even take it a few steps further and say the energy signatures also contain the frequency of the Sun, and then the Milky Way Galaxy, and then galaxy cluster, then (skipping a few fractal steps) following all the way back to the Divine Creator of this Universe. Can you just imagine how much multidimensional energy is involved with this type of manifestation? I digress.  So in a way these ZIM bonds hold a divine frequency, which is infinite and abundant and will never run out.    These ZIM notes are here to help humanity transition out of the 3D money matrix. Period!  As infinite energy floods the planet and economic system, the value placed on money will begin to shift.  Money will loose its value but retain its infinite power.  The next stage of the shift involves using technologies to help humanity shift out of the money system such as free energy technologies, healing (sound) technologies, replicators, and teleportation tech.  Finally those who see that technologies are really just a reflection of our spiritual power, will come to remember and realize their infinite potential as a spiritual/multidimensional being.  Meaning no more money, no more technology, no more reason to live in a matrix of limitations.

The Cabal's Evil Tax

Even though the Cabal invented Money, they couldn't stop its Magical Power.  The best that they could do, is keep it out of circulation and thus the Income tax was created.   Normally, when a Farmer got paid for his food crops, a Doctor got paid for helping someone, a builder got paid for building, an environmentalist got paid for cleaning up the environment, they all then had that money to pay it forward and do things for their own families and others.  However, the Income tax took back that Magical Money Power that had been rightfully earned, so that that Magic could not be passed on.  As I have mentioned before, the purpose for these taxes in the first place was not because the Cabal needed money, but instead they wanted to make sure we did not have it.  Money is Magic, and powerful, and they wanted to take away our power, our ability to make things happen, to help ourselves and help others.  They literally taxed our Personal Power.

AscensionWithEarth View: Agreed!

The Anti-Money Propaganda

As we know the Cabal are all about Brain Washing and Propaganda.  Clearly, us having money is not in the best interest of our Cabal Masters, and so it was not good enough to take our Money, but they had to brain wash us into accepting having no money as being a good thing.  

Think about this.  Who came up with the term "Filthy Rich."  I can tell you it was not a Teacher, Farmer, factory worker, or any of us.  It was the Cabal Propaganda machine making us hate the idea of Money.  I even hear people today say they "Hate Money" which is a CABAL BRAIN WASHING result.  Saying you hate money is like saying you hate to feed the Hungry, house the homeless, cure the sick, feed the animals, help Mother Earth.  Can you see how sick and twisted the Cabal Scum are?  With their Propaganda Machine, they have talked you out of your Money Power, and made you feel good about it. 

Now you have the Cabal Propaganda outlets such as The GoldFish Report, Featuring Cabal Stooge Winston Shrout, saying that the new USN is a "Debt Instrument" and that you should get rid of it as quickly as possible.  Isn't it Clear what these Cabal Scumbags are trying to do?  They know what is coming and they are still trying to talk you out of your Money, and your ability to help the World.  They are so desperate and frankly Pathetic, that they say there is some sort of Karmic debt associated with the money as well.  Are you kidding me?  Have you EVER heard anything so STUPID in your whole life?  The USN is a Gold Backed Currency, that represents the Golden Age of Humanity, with a 1,000 years of Peace and Prosperity.  It will feed the hungry, cure the sick, and house the homeless.  How can that be bad?  It can't.

AscensionWithEarth View:  The cabal have manipulated humanity for thousands of years, money is an aspect of that manipulation.  In a fair trade and fair energy exchange system money would be considered neutral, but since the negative intent of the cabal was to siphon all our power using money it was tainted.  As far as calling The GoldFish Report and Winston Shrout agents of the cabal, I do not agree.  What I do see is that people see the world and reality differently and are trying to understand how the Universe and reality works.  If they are knowingly putting out disinformation to hurt others, than yes I see cabal.  Since I cannot prove that they are intentionally lying or hurting others, then I cannot personally call the GoldFish Report or Winston Shrout "Cabal Scumbags" as One Who Knows suggests.

Personal Side Note

I can't help but say that I can't wait to see these Cabal scumbags paraded off in handcuffs.  That time is very near and I am going to make sure that we get to have pictures and videos of all of these so call experts and video channels owners in handcuffs.  That is just a personal pleasure, and frankly closure for all of us.  When you see them in handcuffs, you will then know who they REALLY were.   These Cabal Scumbags have NO REDEEMING VALUE to Humanity.   They hate us, and even in the end, when they have clearly lost, they are still trying to rob you of your ability and power to help Humanity, by talking you out of your money. 

AscensionWithEarth View:  Many would like to see justice and/or reconciliation of the dark cabal, especially those who destroy the innocence of children by rape, torture, murder.

A Challenge To Patrick At IDC

Patrick, it is time for you to choose sides.  No more sitting on the Cabal Fence.  Truth is Truth and you are either with it or against it.... Which is it going to be?   When you post Cabal crap like the Goldfish Report saying utter nonsense that the USN is a Debt instrument and that it has Karmic penalty associated with it, and then refuse to post my Post "Money is Magic in Your Pocket," it makes me think you are on the wrong side, dude.  

Patrick, You have to understand, sides are being drawn and it is not looking good for you.  I have top sources that KNOW ALL.  Remember?  I know about the conversations relating to my Magic Money post and it was decided NOT to post it because it was too encouraging and inspiring.    I've got news for you Patrick, the time is very near when we are all going to find out who was telling the truth and who was not, who was being influenced by Cabal scum, and who was not.   How are you going to look then? 

Every time you choose what to post and what NOT to post, you are making a decision that will not only effect Dinarland and this process, but is also going to affect you personally.  Do you think that Chalk marks only apply to your readers?    I've got news for you and all the other website owners, you are judged more closely that any individual poster is.   Frankly, when you make a choice to post something, you are actually co-signing it with your personal energy and your future well being.   Just so you know, I am beyond caring what you post or don’t post.  I KNOW who I am and where I stand, and where I'll be after this is all over.  Do you?    

So, will you post this post and/or my other post "Money is Magic In Your Pocket?"  Who knows, maybe yes, but most likely no.  But, it matters not to me or my followers who know where to find my posts on . When you refuse posts that call out the Cabal and reveal truth, you don’t stop it, but you do prove what side you are on.  Does it matter what You Believe?  Yes it does!  .... Remember?

Does it matter what YOU allow to be posted and what you refuse to post?  Yes it does. opps!

AscensionWithEarth View:  I have respect for Patrick and the work he has done over the years.  I visit his site all the time so I can be updated with the newest thoughts, opinions, and intel being shared through his energy/web portal.  I pick and choose what I believe and resonate with and discard things I don't. There are also two sides of a story, sometimes more, so I am sure Patrick can address his own stance as to why he posts things or doesn't.   Reading this section calling out Patrick does have me confused though. has been posting and continues to post alternative points of view from various authors and sources so as to show the biggest picture possible of what is being discussed in reality.  Whether the sources come from Cabal or Light Workers, I do not censor their posts.  If it is cabal, I post to bring awareness to their plans, if it a Light Worker I do the same.  Because I believe in the sovereign soul and freewill choice and respect all, I have allowed all energy to be represented on AWE blog, and allow each viewer to choose and discern what works best for them.  As I believe in others people's Divine Right and freewill choice to find their own way.  I do not have the right to tell people what to think or believe. Is this not what the cabal have been doing to humanity for thousands of years?  I am also not a babysitter, and want YOU to stand in your OWN INFINITE POWER.  If you want to be saved by Jesus, more power to you, if you want to be saved by an E.T., more power to you, If you want to be saved by Your Ascended Masters, more power to you, if you want to rediscover your own Infinite Self, more power to you.  I cannot stand in judgement of others as that is a judgement upon myself.  Everyone has the right to decide what to do.  If I am judged for this, I stand and confront those who seek to suppress/judge my Divine and Sovereign Soul. "I AM who I AM" (This applies to everyone)  Say it out loud, with authority, it is very powerful, as it holds no judgement no matter what religion, race, creed, light or dark, belief system, or otherwise.

The Bottom Line

In this post I made it clear that Money is Powerful, Magical and Good!   All the hate money nonsense comes from the old Cabal Scum Brain Washing Propaganda to keep you from being empowered by Money.  Frankly it is way too late for them to stop us now.  The Light Workers of the World are about to be powered up with enough money to heal the World.  Not only will we use the money we get to heal the World, but since income taxes will be gone, then the money we bring in to the World, will then continue to flow and bring its healing magic to others, over and over again.  Soon the World will be pulsating with energy, joy and Prosperity.

In this post, I have also drawn a line in the sand when it comes to IDC.  I am so tired of wishy washy people who will not take a stand against our Cabal oppressors.  This is a time for HEROES who will take a stand for something.  Either stand for the Truth or fall for the lies.  This is the time of reckoning.  I can tell you that not everyone will make it.  If they are being influenced by the Cabal now, when they have no money, they will be influenced by the Cabal later, and it would be better if they didn't have money then.  Just being Brutally honest here.   Those who stand against the Cabal now, will be the same ones who do not fall for their crap later.  This is a time of Heroes.  A time of separating the wheat from the rest of the crap.   I can tell you that those who will be trusted with big money will be those who have the Moral Fortitude, and Character to handle that kind of power and influence.   I don’t care who you are, if you can't stand up against the Cabal now, then I don’t want you to have money later, as you will be a danger to us all.   I have two posts that make this clear.

AscensionWithEarth View:  My bottom line is knowing that humanity will be free from the 3D matrix, all of us here on planet earth +7 billion Hu-Mans choose to take on this incredible task to help with the transition, including those who work for the dark or light.  This game of duality (dark and light) play within the same game board rules.  The board is the "Circle of Life" also known as the Torus Energy Field that permeates through everything as a fractal of the Universe.  It is in a continuous motion of creation, contracting and expanding, self regulating, and infinite in nature.  The dark has had its reign but now the Torus continues to shift bringing everything into balance and unity.  It is unstoppable!  When you "reach" the center of the Torus you will have the opportunity to keep shifting to the light side of duality which perpetuates the light vs dark matrix or you may choose to recognize this duality matrix game and shift yourself beyond Duality.  The power is ultimately yours to resonate at the frequency that works best for your level of awareness, your reality becomes what you are as you are the fractal of the Universe.

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May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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