Thursday, July 27, 2017

Repeating History: NESARA, the “RV” and nothing new to see here (OP-ED by Dani)

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So an article is currently going viral all over the place and I have to stand up and speak out to all the new people out there who haven’t lived through this all before, or those whom have conveniently forgotten the past 5 or 6 years. 

Here is the article in question:

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 26 2017

My friends, many of you haven’t known me long enough to know about my involvement in all of this “RV”, GCR” “NESARA” stuff ….. I was deeply involved in the GCR and “NESARA” intel since 2011. I have been told everyone of these statements at least twice between 2012 and 2013. There is literally NOT A SINGLE NEW THING in all of this. it’s old hat repeats as far as I’m concerned.
The person who originally set up the “General 64″ Wells fargo deal and the so called ” 1 800″ numbers was a guy named Pete- who was publicly known as the Dinar Guru “Studley”. Pete was a good friend of mine and I use to get shitloads of background information from him, because he knew he could trust me not to talk about the inside shit that was going on. This deal with Wells Fargo was dead in the water in 2012- because the “general” pushed aside the rules and instead of sticking to a quiet group of a specific number, he went public and amassed over 100,000 people into this “cash in group”, and then tried to strong arm Mdm Wu et al into accepting the deal. Well they didn’t. and they took the entire deal off the table at the end of 2012. At that point there was no more “cash in group” for General 64. NONE. The “general” has continued to lie to people and pretend that this group is still in existence, meanwhile he desperately tried to make another deal. Pete worked on that for months and months, trying to negotiate a new deal. but it failed, and in early 2014 Pete killed himself.
Every single “cash in group that I investigated in 2013/14 was based on FRAUD, and every single dinar Guru, that had a group or was working with a group was a con artist and a fraud. Those of you who were involved in the RV stuff back in 2012/13 probably remember Sooner Patriot, Johnnywg, Bella, sweetqueen, …. hell, I’ve forgotten most of their names, were all con men and women and were all taken down. Every single one of those “send us your dinar and we’ll hold it for you in the group and we’ll give you a SKR” groups, have ALL been proven to be frauds and they stole millions and millions in Dong and Dinar.
And GESARA is bullshit. NESARA is/was an AMERICAN thing, and it has Zero to do with the rest of the world- it’s a LAWSUIT- look up the “Farm Claims”. The word/acronym GESARA was magically inserted into the discussions in late 2013 early 2014, out of NO WHERE, and like everything else, with no proof whatsoever.
My friends…. I get it, we are all desperate for this bullshit to end and for there to be something to “save us” or to rescue us from this fucked up reality. But this shit is OLD SHIT. And as with everything we were told and heard back in 2013, there is NO PROOF of any of it. Back then it was Obama who was going to get taken down (or be the shining rescuer of the world)(depending on whether the person giving the intel was a republican or a democrat, lol), There was always someone who was going to get sworn in secretly as president when the president is “taken out”, the law (pick a law, any law) was always going to be signed in the next 24 hours. Congress was always “getting cleaned up” and there was always some badass congressman who was holding shit up. There was always an announcement about to be made in the Iraqi Gazette the next day. There was always a big win in Iraq which signified the release of the RV. There was always banking centers “on alert” and “fully staffed” to get ready for the Dinarians. There was always a “next 24 to 48 hours” it will be released. There was ALWAYS the “Sept 30th deadline as the end of the fiscal year because otherwise congress and the military and everything will shut down”. The “Private Groups” and “Whales” are always getting paid out in advance. There is always a “fully gold backed currency” that is about to be released that will replace the US Fiat dollar….. AND there is always someone in/from China that we have to thank for pushing the RV through!
None of this is NEW.
Now I will prognosticate and prophecy about what will be announced during the weekend or on monday:
There was a problem with the computer systems, there was a hacking of the computer systems, a back door in the computer system was discovered and someone (pick a banker or agency) tried rig the game, the banks computers couldnt’ handle the new programs, someone (most likely Trump, the pope, the Queen, Putin or Xi) stopped the RV due to *insert excuse here*. Oh, or my fav: the US didn’t have the assets to back up their new currency, so the roll out had to be delayed until the US to get more gold/assets to fully back their new currency……
I’m not saying that the RV won’t happen, because I still think it could. But until I see something actually NEW…. I ain’t dusting off my dinar nor waiting by the phone for a 1800 number that doesn’t exist. Just sayin’.

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