Thursday, July 27, 2017

Winston Shrout Update - Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA), Collateral Accounts, NESARA, OITC

Winston Shrout
By Winston Shrout

The latest ‘fad’ to being going around is what is called the Treasury Direct Account technology.  It is gaining momentum at a rapid rate, but my observation on this is a bit different, perhaps, than many other people.

The concept of ‘treasury direct’ is well known, and stems from the system of global finance established long ago and is the basis for our ‘commercial redemption’ concepts. It has to do with the Global Debt Facility and the Collateral Accounts under the control of Dr. Ray C. Dam of the Office of International Treasury Control. The gold of the Collateral Accounts under write, or at least that was the way it was designed, the world’s currencies. But there have been some shifts in that concept over the years, until at the present moment; it would seem that it is not even considered.  An attempt to assassinate Dr. Dam occurred in 2010, and he went into recluse.

In essence, the Collateral Accounts are the surety to guarantee the use of the world’s currencies all of which are debt currencies with the exception perhaps of the Postal Currency known as Postal Money Orders.

A common definition of the word “surety” is that one entity guarantees the debt of another entity so that in the event of a failure or default on a debt, the surety would step in as the insurance policy to deal with that debt. When the surety intercedes in such a situation, then the surety has rights in regards to the defaulting party.

Let’s take for example the use of Federal Reserve Notes which are/were the currency in use in the US also known as the US Dollar. The Collateral Accounts are the surety for the FRNs, and if there is a failure with the USD/FRN situation, the insurance, the OITC, steps in with the remedy to make the creditor whole.

A standard concept is that ‘interest’ accrues to principal. If the principal is the Collateral Accounts, and interest accrues from the use of the FRNs, the question is … who has the rights to the interest accrued from the use of the FRNs? Is it the Federal Reserve Banks? Is it the IMF or the UN? Is it the Crown of England

or the Vatican? No.  The interest belongs to the surety, the Collateral Accounts, and into the Global Debt Facility.

But is that the way it has worked? No. The interest which should have accrued to the surety has been stolen. Hmm. How was that done?

There was once a song called Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover. And in the case of the return of interest to principal a new song might be: Fifty Ways to Steal the Treasury Direct. lol

Historically, it seems that it became apparent that the older system of the Collateral Accounts as surety for all the world’s currencies was so broken apart that it could not be resurrected. So, along comes the international Basel III agreements which dictated that any national currency to be tradeable internationally, it would have to be substance backed, usually with gold or some solid substance.

Then came the Revaluation of currencies, the famous RV, worked on in Reno, Nevada, for a number of years to prioritize a particular nation’s currency in comparison with all other national currencies.

In essence, the RV decentralized the surety making each country come up with its own surety. Is the gold in the Collateral Accounts still in existence? Yes. It is still right where it always was. The owners of that gold are members of the Sukarno Trust. What the owners of the gold do now with all of that is unknown to me.

But again, as it should be obvious with the Basel III agreement, suretyship has now been segregated out of the trust situation with the Collateral Accounts into the individual responsibility of each separate country.

Will this new way of handling suretyship for debt currency be any better or usable than the old way? We will just have to wait and see.


Ah yes, the newest ‘fad’ … discharge of debt using the Social Security Number as
an account and a routing number through the Bureau of Public Debt.

You haven’t heard of this? Well, hold on, it will get to you soon or just go and
search the web for TDA … it’s all over the place.

Much of what you will encounter on the internet is just plain ‘whacky’ stuff. But if you read enough and watch enough videos you can probably narrow down what is accurate and what is just ‘out there’.

The purpose of this writing is not to explain the process … go to the internet for that. What I want to investigate with this writing is some good old common sense. I have found that by listening to the excitement generated with this TDA technology, that just a small percentage of those commenting on this have a deep enough understanding to make any sense of it at all.

It is ‘rumored’ that this TDA technology is the beginning of NESARA. Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn’t.

What I see more than anything is similar to turning a child loose in a candy store
and letting the child have whatever it wants … regardless of cost. Experience has shown me that when that sort of thing happens the child will end up with a tummy ache, because the child will not act in a responsible way.

So, I am looking at this whole concept of TDA with a distant object in mind which is our eventual ascension into a 5th dimensional frequency. Will the child which is turned loose in the candy store have a rise in frequency or will the child remain still a child? Sobering thought.

I have often quipped that if someone showed up at my door and offered me a million dollars that I would ask them to come back tomorrow so I would have time to think about it. Maybe I would take it or maybe I wouldn’t. Candy stores are dangerous places.

It has been my ambition as Solutions in Commerce over the years to point out that everything in the public is prepaid. And I have gone to great lengths to explain why and how that is. And we have had to work through the blockades put up by the IRS and government generally. Are the blockades now gone? Maybe or maybe not … is a diversion in place? We’ll see.

Please observe that this new TDA stuff is not the same as the AFV technology.

My point here is that if the blockades have been taken down, and people can utilize the prepay method of public debt will the people who are now set free, the majority of which have little to no knowledge of the how and why of the matter, act responsibly or will they end up with a tummy ache?

I guess I am ‘old school’ in a lot of ways. I believe that I should receive what I have earned. I guess the concept of working for what you get might not be the new way of doing things, but it is just the way I am. I can’t help it. When I was a kid if I wanted money to go to the swimming pool, I had better find someone in the neighborhood who would pay me to mow their lawn … or I didn’t go to the swimming pool … push mowers are good for building muscles and an afternoon at the pool was great incentive. And it has pretty much stuck with me over the years.

And over the years as WSSIC I have tried to stick to my early learning. And the continuance of WSSIC has depended on month to month sales, seminars, webinars and the like to ‘keep the lights on’ … but we have managed. But WSSIC does not do debt. If the funds cease … I will simply turn off the lights.

I don’t suppose that there are many on the planet who have the depth of knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to obtain. And I have tried to dispense that knowledge as far as I have been able.

But back to the point of ascension or uplifting to higher vibrational frequencies. What are we looking at here with this TDA stuff? Where is the ‘money’ coming from to do all of this? I keep hearing: this is from money which they have kept from us. I would agree with part of that. Certainly, all of the money which was stolen by the taxing agencies, all of the parking tickets we paid, all of the electricity bills we paid, the road use taxes we pay when we buy gasoline, and
on and on. Yes, that is our money! How much would that amount to? Let’s just ball park it and say a million dollars … and that is probably  way high. So, what
of all these hundreds of millions that some are claiming? Hmm. Is that ‘our’
money? Did we earn hundreds of millions? Are some going to end up with a serious tummy ache?

The use of ‘unearned’ money is a serious matter.

As the last survivor of my immediate family, I inherited some modest sums.  I didn’t see that as ‘mine’ … I had not earned it. So, I was very cautious of the use of it. But when I have travelled to distant places to conduct business, for instance with my OITC assignments, I felt justified in using that inherited
money. If I had taken those costs out of WSSIC the ‘lights’ would have gone out long ago. So, those unearned monies came in quite handily. My position with OITC and other assignments are unpaid positions.

So, what of these hundreds of millions that seem to spark a lot of interest? Whose money is it? It is true that I have worked hard in my life, but to think I had earned a hundred million is completely foolish. Hanging sheet rock and giving lectures just does not generate those kinds of numbers.

Okay, here is the answer: those hundreds of millions should have gone treasury direct back to the surety through the Global Debt Facility. This sort of sounds like that these hundreds of millions are stolen assets that have accumulated because the Federal Reserve Banks and the US Treasury simply did not return the interest to the principal. Oops.  The non-ability of OITC to enforce has been the biggest block to the success of OITC and the Plan of the Experts of 1928.

My point here is that caution should be observed here when we go into that candy store. Certainly, each man and woman should take stock of themselves to determine what is fair and what is not. I think that it is not such a good idea to create unnecessary karma. To ‘ascend’ takes a complete removal of karma.

Could the TDA be used within the parameters of NESARA? Yes, very much so. Could the TDA technology be used to extinguish student loans? Yes. Mortgages? Yes. To buy a $750,000 motorhome? … I would be a bit hesitant about that.

So, my analysis of this excitement of this TDA is that it seems to be that the government, perhaps in anticipation of NESARA, is running a little experiment. They seem to have opened the candy store to see what people will do. I worry that if we have too many people with tummy aches that NESARA might just get put off for a while or at least quality controlled. If the reports I hear and listen to on the internet are accurate, some are going to go way past a tummy ache and end up with diabetic shock and coma … maybe even pancreatic cancer!

Students of commercial redemption and AFV techniques can probably see the points I have made here. I see this TDA as sort of a band-aid. But band-aids can sometimes cover up an underlying infection. One should check under that bandage from time to time. If you seek relief from the TDA, and again I am not opposed to this technology, it might be well to consider this situation from several points of view. I like candy, but I never over eat it.

TDA technology if not properly used can bring some unexpected karma.

Let’s act responsibly.