Monday, August 7, 2017

"Dinosaurs" - GCR/RV Sitrep - Monday - August 7, 2017

Received via email from Yosef......

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Not sure how to post the intel tonight.  So I'll just say wow.

The cabal was pronounced dead this week on Friday afternoon at the ASEAN summit in Manila.  Over.  Gone.  Dead.  Poof.

Words that come to mind are easy, simple, invisible, abundant and safe.  Love defeated fear in every corner of the world.


All global geopolitical negotiations have been completed.   There's world peace now, including North Korea and Qatar, Ukraine and Palestine.  Even Syria and Yemen.

That one took my breath away.

Never in a million years did I think the RV would occur over a series of years both pre and post RV, but that's what the NPTB have designed this to do.  Stretch out.  Breath before and after the release to ease into the higher consciousness.

An enormously long runway was designed to deliver the true force of these financial reforms, accomplished over decades of which we are right in the middle of.


Meaning, rates won't change all at once on forex screens, but all rates will constantly change over many months and years after the T4 release, including the ZIM which has already publicly been reintroduced at 1:1.

It's all an inside baseball kind of event.  A club opening that passes down verbally between friends.

Social media hints or ego based tells will be immediately erased as teams of techs will be omitting content from the web for months and years after the release.

When the Zimbabwe government issued its gold backed currency announcement two weeks ago, that was the public start of the RV in terms of a currency revaluation and reinstatement of the global gold standard by a free sovereign nation.

No grand GCR/RV announcement is up coming from some high profile G20 meeting ushering in a package of global reforms, but several scattered announcements will sparatically roll out from individual nations that say they are independently switching over to the gold standard like on the winds of a warm summer breeze--a la Zimbabwe who was honored by the Chinese Elders with being the first out of 209 nations to go public.

The 800#s you seek already exist with each participating internationally currency exchange-able bank, and the RV will commence utilizing their normal front of the house web presence functioning per usual.

New rates will go live in these banks but all elder will remain 100% normal.

The ZIM will have its own 800# that non participating ZIM redeeming banks will issue to ZIM holders and help assist them in obtaining a redemption appointment.

No drama.  Subtle.  Quiet.  Easy.  Private.

All banks will organically and very gently direct ZIM redeemers to an HSBC/military call center and redemption location worldwide.  The security for ZIM holders especially will be triple compared to other redeemer's we are told--whatever that means.

Private rates will be negotiable, but never discussed unless the redeemer knows they exist and initiates such a discussion with job creation/humanitarian projects in mind only.

In Europe, 95% of all test redemptions have never heard of sovereign rates.  95% of all ZIM redemptions took less than the 1:1 screen rate.  That was out of 25,000 test cases over several months.

Might be a different story here in the US and Canada because of higher quality intel sites and providers.  Way to go Patrick!

Know the UST currently has a 1:1 rate for the ZIM and has since 2010 because the 2008-2009 ZIM currency/bond note issue was never discontinued by the Zimbabwe Central Bank.

It was the western banking cabal that would no longer accept the ZIM bond notes in 2009.  However all that obviously changes now with the release of new T4 currency rates/transactions worldwide.

The ZIM's 1:1 par number will be the starting point for all negotiations, with higher sovereign rates available only for redeemer's sincerely looking to create jobs and/or fund humanitarian projects.

Projects really do matter in obtaining higher sovereign rates for any currency.

But know you may ask for whatever you feel you are worth with or without a project(s) prospectus.  You alone will determine your own economic ceiling for the first time in your life!!!!!   So be bold and step up strong into your highest self!!!!!!

Rates for all other currencies will be shown on the screen and honored per normal--but those rates will not be made public initially and not for some time after we are told.

Rather, all rates will be gently raised and lowered depending on their true audited value on the new financial system.  This will keep he public, investors and markets calm.

No drama in a super slow exchange process, as nothing on the exterior banking facade will change fast.

Again, private rates can and will be negotiated for all currencies, but again it's wise to arrive with job creation / humanitarian project(s) plans in hand to make your strongest case.

In summary, the RV will just suddenly be there at some point this week (when was not revealed but soon); as all participating banks were told to be fully staffed and ready to proceed at any moment as of July 1st.

Even the banks don't know when the RV will start!  And market makers are speculating on the RV start time daily--thinks why the American markets continue to rise.

It's now August 7, and will be August 8th on the other side of the international date line in less than six hours.

And in a single moment the RV will just be there.  Maybe tomorrow morning.  Same infrastructure.  Same 800#s.   Same currency exchange locations.

The mass staffing of redemption centers was sent home and was deemed a total lost leader meant to mislead and distract the cabal away from the true mastermind plan.


We have been told the NPTB  have reduced currency exchange inflow down to a "harmless trickle."  Meaning, there is just not that many of us die hards left.

We're dinosaurs, folks.  Relics.  Antiques.


God is with us.