Sunday, August 6, 2017

TruthEarth.Org Blog Update - Batch of Goodies - August 6, 2017

Batch of Goodies: David Wilcock Blog Update, Corey Goode Timeline Talk, Disclosures in the Headlines, Pedo Arrest Sweep, Tom DeLong Facebook Post, Threats in Dreams, Dreams of Pedogate Blowing Wide-Open

After taking a long and likely much-needed break David Wilcock is writing on his blog again. It is mostly a personal update and there isn’t any new intel but the read is just as good. It’s always fascinating to me to see people’s metamorphosis in real time, including my own. Here is the link to his update.

Corey Goode did a talk about the Mandela Effect and how our consciousness is changing reality as we change ourselves. The talk is very interesting and I highly recommend it:

Disclosure is still charging on as we see more headlines with information about ETs and other technology that likely already exists but is being rolled out gradually:

(RT) Daimler gets onboard self-flying electric cab
(RT) Earth-sized vortex on Neptune takes scientists by storm (PHOTOS)
(The Alternative Daily) 3 Famous People Who Have Encountered Aliens
(Hidden Remote) ‘Ancient Aliens’: The replicants may be proof of reincarnation
(Sputnik) Close Encounters: About 5 Percent of UFO Sightings Are Real
(Yahoo) How These Astronauts Had Life-Changing Experiences With Aliens
(The Alternative Daily) Can Psychedelics Help You Contact Aliens?
(NBC News) What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens?
(Smithsonian) Could We See Glow-in-the-Dark Aliens From Earth?
( Physicists turn a crystal into an electrical circuit
(Express) Discovery of first exomoon could help find ALIENS
(Popular Mechanics) How to Make Contact With Aliens

As you can see there seems to be more of a push now than ever to awaken the population to the reality of ETs and how to make contact with them.

Tom DeLong wrote an interesting Facebook post just the other day that I thought had some significance for this article:

It is well-know in the UFO/Truth community, however one wishes to call what we are doing here, that Tom DeLong is involved with the military-industrial-complex to release truth and technology to the public. Now I am not certain if they are interested in promoting a partial disclosure scenario, which is off the table of course, but it is interesting to see him posting these things about ‘dates’ and ‘things coming up soon’.

I experienced this synchronicity at work the other day:


One of the big pedo arrest headlines we saw the other day was one where 1,000+ people were arrested in a massive sweep involving several different states:
(CNN) More than 1,000 arrests in sex trafficking operation
“A pastor, a state trooper and a convicted sex offender were among 1,000 people arrested in a month-long period trying to sell or buy sex across the country.
The arrests were part of the National Johns Suppression Initiative, a series of stings aimed at reducing sex trafficking in the United States.
During the sting operation from June 28 until Monday, authorities cracked down on three Illinois brothels and arrested a convicted child molester in Seattle.
The most arrests were in Harris County, Texas, and in Seattle, with 170 and 160 arrests, respectively.”
On a more personal note, the last week I have been experiencing some very troubling dreams. They are not nightmares, as I have experienced plenty of those throughout my life. These dreams were threatening.

I had one where the some people were trying to find and harm my mom and myself. They chased us in our car and followed us everywhere. I wrote about another one where I dreamt that all of my belongings in my living room were stolen. It was so real-feeling I woke up thinking it had actually happened.

I had another a few days ago where these beings were trying their hardest to intimidate me and break me. They were attempting to bait me with unhealthy food and other things. I remember in one dream thinking “they must be so close to defeat, they are trying so hard to break me mentally, if they can’t do it when I’m awake, they are trying to do it in my dreams.” They have failed. 

Since I have received information, intel and future events in my dreams in the past I thought I would pass this one along as it seemed important. It is one I had this morning. To summarize it I saw household names being exposed as being involved in the pedophilia epidemic we are now uncovering. They were so angry at me for being a part of it. They tried to harm me, but were unsuccessful.

I was in total shock when I learned some of the names of the people in on this thing. It was ugly and I felt shock and horror like I had just learned about it for the first time. I believe we will all feel this when more of this is exposed.

But the entire point of the dream felt like a communication that it was about to blow wide-open and that I should document it for others to prepare. My interpretation could be wrong of course. But I’ve gotten reliable information in my dreams before which I have proven on this blog and in my dream journal. Only time will tell.

Thank you for checking out this update and I am sending each of you light and love!

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