Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Lisa Transcendence Brown - EVERY REALity is Your Projection to Awaken Your Human for Your Own Soul to Come Through

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Published on Aug 29, 2017

We are beyond perpetuating the old earth realities anymore. There is never an excuse for disrespect and this time of mass collective awakenening has been spoken of “forever”, it’s what we’ve been re-educating through highest consciousness for, that is resisted by ego/separated human mindsets that cannot comprehend that we are on a multi-dimensional earth where each now experiences THEIR OWN REALITY with THAT COLLECTIVE and not every dimension is experiencing the same realities…. vastly different ones. This requires the inner & outer work necessary for each to transcend their own inner realms of “hell” and “purgatory” to completely re-create realities aligned with each’s soul now. These ultra high frequency encoded light activations that bombard all with Christed Light (and more), are to shake/rattle and knock loose all those old programmed realities of distortions that represent (and play out) as Hell on Earth. Heaven is only accessible by going within…. each one of us have to if we desire Physical Body Ascension vs. physical death, where our Soul has completed it’s missions/purposes and it’s time to exit the body vehicle to awaken all that are left. This is a UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING where the Purity of our Souls emerge, often in the depths of hell, for we were so shut down/resistant, we would listen to anything else.
You can shift by opening up. Everything you project out creates your reality for you. We are not affected anymore. When the lower timelines “collapse” to shift all to a higher timeline, humans go into “caged animal mode” and start a process of trying everything imaginable to impose/project/control/hold on/maintain the old. Only when the heart fully opens, does the mind’s ability to control/hold on diminish/dissolve and each’s soul is allowed to emerge through a higher self to guide and assist.

I love you. Each now have the ability to do so with greater ease, as they/you/we are ready. Not until….

Until each’s heart has opened enough to activate/open the pineal gland for holographic access to be enabled, then the only reality visible is the one our human eyes see, the ones experienced in dreams and by way of feelings to indicate/show what’s going on inside. We have to do this ourselves, each one of us… or the reality we continue to get is an unconscious one that plays out in our physical until we do.